10.1 Weekend: CD Hunting – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

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Date: Sunday, September 30th, 2001, 00:23
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We asked, and you answered — from across the country, success stories and sob stories looking for the elusive free 10.1 update CDs. Check it out for tips on finding the CD, or to feel less alone in your frustration.

We asked, and you answered — from across the country, success stories and sob stories looking for the elusive free 10.1 update CDs. Check it out for tips on finding the CD, or to feel less alone in your frustration.


Philadelphia, PA: I got my Mac OS X Version 10.1 Upgrade CD package at CompUSA at Franklin Mills Mall, Philadelphia, PA this morning. They received 50 copies and were distributing them at the store’s “Upgrade Center.” [The employee at the store’s Mac area did not know they had been received; they were received about 11:00 a.m.]. You get a shrinkwrap package, labelled, Part M8621LL/A: MAC OS X 10.1 INSTANT UP-TO-DATE USA, which contains 2 Upgrade CDs… Mac OS X 10.1 and Mac OS 9.2.1.

New York, NY: I arrived at Tekserve in NYC 15 minutes before opening (10:00 AM) and there was already a large but friendly gathering. We all took numbers, were let in early and the 10.1 updates were duly handed out. Just when it seemed that they were gone another supply showed up and everyone (who arrived early) was satisfied. Others were there to buy the full update. What a great place. I had time to look around for some other peripherals that I will be back soon to get.
-Tom Campbell

Bloomington, MN: We went into the Beautiful Apple Store in the Mall of America here in Minneapolis (really Bloomington) and were instantly handed our update. This was 11:45 AM. They had just emptied their ninth box, and they still had at least 4 or five more cartons to go. We had gone to MicroCenter first, and they had not received any. Installed and working great. -Barbara Greenspon

Cleveland, OH: I got to the CompUSA at Great Northern Mall in Cleveland a little late today. It was 11:00. I was number 40-something on the wait list. “We’ll call you when they come in; FedEx hasn’t come yet.” I browse around for about ten minutes, while my girlfriend is freaking out (she is not a computer freak; forgive her) and asking when we can leave. I linger just a few seconds longer–and then I see it . . . a FedEx box with an Apple logo!!! Eureka! The manager opens it and I am second in line. I show him my 10.3 CD, receipt and OS 9/10 proof-of-purchase that came with my iBook 500. He doesn’t ask for anything else, as he crosses my name off the list and hands me the goods!!! There was about 30 in the box. I guess it pays to be late?! 9.2.1 and 10.1 are running like SILK!!!! -Jamie

Norwalk, CT: I arrived at CompUSA in Norwalk, CT this morning at around 10:30 this morning. As I made my way over to the Macintosh section, I noticed a small crowd of people. I was informed that the district manager was being called, to find out when the OSX 10.1 update disks would arrive. A moment later, a mac savvy CompUSA employee walked over to us with a handful of update disks- “Here you go, folks” no coupon needed. We were told that we had to have an installed copy of OSX to run the update. I was also told that they were only given 50 copies of the free updater- I was also told that the Computer Supercenter of Greenwich would also have copies. The Install went relatively smooth, about a half hour on a G3 400 Pismo. Upon startup the IE alias was broken on the dock, but so far, it’s running OK. It’s only been on for 5 minutes. IE and Acrobat startup bounces were both 1.5. [Editor’s note: I can confirm the Computer Supercenter report – unfortunately they were out of stock by the time I talked to them at 3:30p today. Check back early in the week, Greenwichites.]


Austin, TX: Apparently there was some sort of distribution meltdown for 10.1 in Austin this week. I was told by Fry’s on Thursday that there were to be Apple reps handing out copies of the upgrade CD on Saturday morning. To the surprise of about 50 irate customers at 9am, there were no upgrades to be found _anywhere_in_Austin!_ They made a waiting list, and at about 12 noon, they received a shipment of 60 (only) CDs. Enter Fry’s management – “Forget about the list, hand it out to people in the store now.” I don’t know exactly how this panned out — I was on the list at 9 am, and I went back to the store at noon and got the first copy. What we can be sure of is that no one else in Austin had the upgrades, including CompUSA (2 locations). For anyone left out in the cold, an Apple manager and some associates are going to be handing out burned copies in front of Fry’s tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.

New York, NY: I went to CompUSA on Broadway & 57th Street in New York this morning (Saturday). None of the New York stores received the OSX 10.1 upgrade kits from Apple. They do have the full package. -Klaus Ottmann [Editor’s note: White Plains CompUSA did receive 50 copies but sold out within 2 hours of opening. Lots of extra full packages, but most customers were looking for the upgrade.]

Sunnyvale, CA: Went to Fry’s Electronics in Sunnyvale, CA. Fry’s is a very large, major electronics superstore chain in California. There were about 6 of us in the store at the 9AM opening time, and after waiting for the manager, we found that Fry’s was still waiting for the delivery truck, and would only provide the 10.1 free update to people who purchased OS X from Fry’s within the last 30 days! They would not give it to anyone else, even if you had proof-of-purchase from another store. We voiced our disapproval, and we left Fry’s to head for CompUSA, which is about 10 minutes away, in Santa Clara. We received our OS 10.1 update without question from an Apple rep. -Frank Malloy

Columbus, OH: The CompUSA Newmarket store will have 100 copies of Mac OS X 10.1 Instant Update today, as soon as the morning’s FedEx shipment arrives. At first, staff tried to direct waiting customers to the $19.95 web update, but thanks to the Instant Update article posted on Go2Mac , local staff were persuaded to search further and found reference to the late shipment. -Gary Rolston

Norwalk, CT: The distribution for 10.1 was totally botched by Apple. I went to CompUSA in Norwalk CT at 1pm. No copies to be found. A disinterested Mac employee said they got 50 copies about 10:00. So I wasted my time for an hour driving. If I didn’t read there would be ample copies spread around I wouldn’t have went to try to get one. – John Clapps

Chicago, IL: Went to the Micro Center retail store in Chicago to pick up a copy of the Mac OS X 10.1 Instant Up-to-Date CD, which was supposed to arrive this morning. I took my 10.0/9.1 CDs + manual + proof-of-purchase (through the Apple Store, purchased with a BTO dual-533 MHz back in March). Guess what? No 10.1 retail copies OR freebie CDs. Walked into the downtown Chicago CompUSA with same bits–Apple representative could not explain why neither the retail NOR the Instant Up-to-Date CDs were ready (“leave your name and number with Customer Service and they’ll phone you on Monday”)…the Apple Store in Woodfield (Schaumburg, IL) would not answer the phone. Funny, that…

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