10.1 Weekend: Copy-Paste File Objects in the Finder in 10.1

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Date: Friday, September 28th, 2001, 00:44
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Another reader report with a cool tip:Picked up my copy of 10.1 yesterday at Seybold. Let me just say it’s everything we’ve been wanting from OS X since May.

One feature I think is really cool but I haven’t seen touted anywhere is that you can now copy-paste files/folders from one place to another (a la Windows). Probably isn’t mentioned much since it’s an old Windows feature. Now that Apple would prefer we use one window all the time this feature is pretty essential. Forgive me if this was in 10.0.x version, but I don’t believe it ever was. I think I would have noticed.

Now if I could only get the definitive word if I can make my Cube a Software Base Station as in 9. Which unfortunately I think is no.

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