1Password for Mac updated to version 4.1 with new features

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Date: Tuesday, December 10th, 2013, 09:18
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product-1password-4-for-macEveryone’s favorite password keeper (well mine anyway), 1Password, has been updated to version 4.1 and includes some great feature updates. The Agilebits blog introduces the update and gives a quick rundown of some of the key updates;

“1Password 4.1 for Mac is now available for our website customers, and it is waiting for review for Mac App Store customers. “4.1″ may look like a small update, but it packs some great big stuff […]”


Earlier this year with the release of OS X Mavericks, Apple introduced some big changes to Safari and the Mac Keychain, allowing you to store credit card info as well as website logins. With the addition of Keychain syncing in iCloud, these can now all be shared between your devices. While that is a nice addition to the OS, I can’t recommend 1Password enough. Like the Mac Keychain, 1Password can be set up to sync data between Macs using Dropbox, and can also be accessed through their iPhone app. It has an extensive list of other features that goes beyond Apple’s feature, such as creating secure notes, a handy database for saving software serials and info, a configureable password generator, and more. anyway, you can find a complete list of changes in 4.1 on there web site, but here are a few of the key updates;


  • Added the option to display your items as a multi-column display (View->Item List Layout->Top).
  • Added print feature. Currently shown list of items can be printed (File > Print) or individual item can be printed (Item > Share > Print).
  • Added the ability to Search across all fields.
  • Added the ability to Tag or assign to Folders in the auto-save window.
  • Added the ability to create custom password fields for your items.


  • Unencrypted attachment cache is now cleared when 1Password app is closed.
  • Auto-save window will now update if 1Password is locked and the window was still shown.
  • When 1Password detects a password change made on a website and prompts to update an existing Login it will now better match the existing item if there were multiple items with the same password for this website.
  • All values copied to clipboard are now marked with org.nspasteboard.ConcealedType (http://nspasteboard.org).
  • Improved Go & Fill when the default browser is set to Google Chrome or Firefox and the browser is not running.
  • Duplicated generated passwords are now removed after saving or updating a login in the Save Login window.
  • 1Password will now show the save alert if the main window is closed with unsaved changes while ‘Lock when main window is closed’ (Preferences > Security) is enabled.

And many bug fixes!

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