1Password updated to 4.4.1

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Date: Thursday, June 5th, 2014, 10:34
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Even a minor update to 1Password brings a hefty list of changes.

On Thursday, AgileBits released 1Password 4.4.1, the newest version of its password security utility. The new version, a 40.8 megabyte download, offers the following fixes and changes:

– Added support for the WhiteHat Aviator web browser.

– 1Password will now keep monthly backups for the last two years.

– The Password Generator in 1Password mini can now generate passwords up to 50 characters long.

– Added Watchtower vulnerability status column in the Top View.

– The Watchtower database last updated date is now visible in Preferences > Watchtower.

– Improved the performance of code signature verification when web browsers connect to 1Password mini.

– The details view Generate Password button is now accessible in Edit Mode.

– Improved conflict resolution for Login items.

– Shortened the delays for showing the mini details view popover.

– The detached mini’s details view no longer steals focus from another foreground app.

– Go-and-Fill will try to open the home page instead of registration or checkout URLs.

– Logins without passwords are no longer shown in the Watchtower vulnerability list.

– Updated translations.

– Fixed problem where sync could cause the 1Password mini to use a lot of CPU.

– Fixed problem where deleted items could reappear after emptying the trash. These items couldn’t be removed from the Trash while iCloud or Dropbox sync was enabled.

– Fixed problem introduced in version 4.4 where the log files had a very large size. Log file size has been considerably reduced.

– Fixed problem where iCloud sync could never be enabled if the local data didn’t match the iCloud data.

– Fixed problem when 1Password was using a considerable amount CPU when locked.

– Fixed problem where the integration with 3rd party apps couldn’t be re-enabled if previously disabled.

– Favourite items are sorted first when searching in 1Password mini.

– Fixed problem when renaming tags in the sidebar created duplicated tags in the sidebar.

– Fixed problem where the item’s modified date was not being updated after being dragged into a sidebar tag.

– Fixed problem where 1Password didn’t properly open and fill URLs which contained the word “credit”.

– Fixed problem where the address cell was not visible in Edit Mode in OS X Mountain Lion.

– Fixed Autolayout issues in Preferences for some translations.

– Fixed problem where local vaults created from an agilekeychain would have a password hint of “NULL”.

– Fixed problem where long password hints were truncated in the popover.

– Fixed localization of “Expand Search to All Fields” button.

– The “About 1Password” window is now localized.

– Fixed French localization of the ‘View’ menu in the main menu.

– Fixed Problem where Gibraltar could not be found in the Identity’s country list.

– Fixed crash in 1Password mini’s details view after locking and unlocking 1Password.

– Fixed potential crash when changing the change sort order in the Top list view.

– Fixed rare problem where 1Password does not connect to 1Password mini after update and a fresh download was required.

– Fixed rare crash when displaying the details view.

– Fixed crash in 1Password mini’s details view after locking and unlocking 1Password.

– Fixed crash when creating a new vault from a keychain which was dragged into the item list.

1Password 4.4.1 retails for US$49.99 and requires an Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.8.4 or later to install and run.

If you’ve tried the new version and have any feedback to offer, let us know in the comments.

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