AAC vs. MP3 vs. Ogg vs. AIFF

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Date: Monday, May 19th, 2003, 22:18
Category: iPod, Software

How does AAC stack up against the popular alternatives and what does this mean for the quality of the Apple iTunes Music Store?
When Apple released the iTunes Music Store they made some bold claims as to the quality of AAC. Since I had read no listening comparisons of AAC to other formats, I decided to do my own tests. For those of you who are wondering what format is best to encode with, and which bit rates are ideal for certain uses, please have a read.


17-Inch PowerBook Podiatry Issues

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Date: Monday, May 19th, 2003, 10:11
Category: Hardware, PowerBook 17-Inch

Two of the rubber feet came off of my 17-Inch PowerBook. I called my local Apple Store and they did not have replacement feet for the 17-Inch. The sales rep suggested I call Apple Care. I called Apple Care and they said the feet are not covered by Apple Care and I would have too send in my PowerBook to get them replaced at a cost of $650.00. Has anyone else had the rubber feet come off their 17-Inch PowerBook? Hmmm, this sounds familiar. Luckily, mine haven’t come off yet. -Ed


Pictures of New Apple Keyboard

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Date: Monday, May 19th, 2003, 08:26
Category: Accessory

Apple Keyboard 2003Rogier Mulder from the Netherlands sends us some pictures of the new Apple keyboard and mouse that were released with the new eMacs on 06 May 2003. Rumors of minor revisions surfaced in late April, with Apple prematurely hanging banners in the Apple store depicting the new accessories.

The speed-bumped eMacs are configured as follows:

800MHz G4, 128MB SDRAM, 40GB HD, CD-ROM – US$799
1GHz G4, 128MB SDRAM, 60GB HD, Combo drive – US$999
1GHz G4, 256MB SDRAM, 80GB HD, SuperDrive – US$1299
Rogier has posted several more pictures on his Web site.