MWNY03: Snatching Hope from the Joz of Defeat

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Date: Wednesday, July 9th, 2003, 22:10
Category: iPod, User Group

We can dream, right? Sure, there’s an excellent chance that next week’s Macworld keynote will be nothing other than a rehash of Apple’s blockbuster WWDC announcements. But Apple will have a big crowd assembled at the Javits Center Tuesday morning, so why not make a little big splash? The company has been known to make announcement at shows other than Macworld. Here’s what I’d like to see make the list.


MWNY03: Macworld Expo on $5 Per Day

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Date: Wednesday, July 9th, 2003, 09:03
Category: Macworld Expo

Are you heading to New York for next week’s Macworld Creative Pro?

  • Be sure to visit Session 162: What if Beethoven had a Mac? being hosted by PowerPage Managing Editor Peter Kirn with a guest appearance by Jason D. O’Grady on Friday July 18, 2003 from 9:00 AM to 10:15 AM in room 1E21.
  • Download the Macworld CreativePro Program & Buyers Guide to your Palm or Pocket PC before the event.

  • MacCentral a story on new product intros expected at MWNY: (MWCP?)
  • A PowerPage source has indicated that the feature presentation by Greg ‘Joz’ Joswiak, Vice President of Hardware Product Marketing at Apple, may include a surprise announcement of the new Aluminum PowerBook 15-inch. It is unconfirmed and frankly, a long shot, but stranger things have happened. Joz is actively involved in PowerBooks and has given most of the quotes about the new ‘Books to the media, so it seems plausible.


McDonald's Adding Wi-Fi Hot Spots This Summer

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Date: Wednesday, July 9th, 2003, 09:11
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The PowerPage received a memo outlining MacDonald’s plan to implement high-speed wireless Internet access at many McDonald’s restaurants in the San Francisco area effective today. The McDonald’s S.F. Bay Area “Hot Spots” pilot program is the first of three metropolitan high-speed wireless tests McDonald’s is launching this summer. No word yet on pricing.