Bluetooth 1.2.1 and the P800

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Date: Thursday, July 10th, 2003, 16:39
Category: Mobile Phone

Readers using the Sony Ericsson P800 mobile phone should download Bluetooth 1.2.1 which was quietly released by Apple today (it is not in software update.)
I installed the BT 1.2.1 update and am now able to transfer MP3s from Mac OS 10.2.6 (PB17) to my P800 (R2D). Previously MP3 transfers from OS X to my P8 would fail.

What’s new in Bluetooth 1.2.1?
Bluetooth 1.2.1 provides enhanced stability and support for the following Symbian OS based mobile phones: Nokia 3650, Nokia 7650, and Sony Ericsson P800. Bluetooth 1.2.1 is recommended for use with iSync 1.1.


NEC Announces Fold up LCDs

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Date: Thursday, July 10th, 2003, 08:32
Category: Accessory, Any Laptop Computer

An interesting article in CreativePro discusses recent advances in LCD technology from NEC. How long until fold-up LCD technology hits laptops?

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display Launches its First Folding, Light-weight LCD
NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America, Inc., the number one stand-alone vendor of flat panel desktop displays, today announced its first line of light-weight LCD monitors that fold up for easy portability. Attractively designed for home users and gamers on the go, the new monitors provide a protective black bezel acrylic screen with flexible silver cabinet and stand that adjusts to a variety of angles including flat against its base. Priced aggressively low to help drive LCD monitors further into mainstream consumer and gaming markets, the 15-inch NEC LCD1565 is $349 U.S. ESP and the 17-inch NEC LCD1765 is $549 U.S. ESP.


OLED Displays Go Double-Sided

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Date: Thursday, July 10th, 2003, 08:39
Category: Any Laptop Computer, Peripheral

According to PhoneScoop

At the Flat Panel Display exposition in Tokyo this week, Japanese company ELDis is demonstrating the world’s first dual-emission organic light-emitting diode display (OLED) for a mobile phone. The screen can be viewed from both sides, eliminating the need for a separate external display on folder-style phones. OLED is seen as a potential replacement for current LCD technology, particularly in mobile devices. OLED displays are thinner, lighter, consume less power, and have faster response times than LCDs.

Further Reading:
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Kodak Brands OLED Displays
Kodak EasyShare LS633 zoom digital camera, the world’s first product with a full-color, active-matrix (AM) OLED display.