MatrixGL 2.0 Screensaver Worth the Price of Admission

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Date: Sunday, July 11th, 2004, 22:58
Category: Archive

The free version of MatrixGL 2.0 is an amazing screensaver for Mac OS X that scroll glyphs down your screen like they do in the namesake movie. MatrixGL features fully independent streams that render a more complex display and the ability to change the glyphs to be any color.
Registered features include:

  • Option to connect the current network speed to stream glyph speed; has the effect of speeding up the screensaver in times of high network activity.
  • Transparency, which displays the glyphs transparently over the desktop in real time.
  • Log file showing, which monitors a log file and displays its updates to the screen as streams.
  • Color cycling over time, with customizable time settings.
  • Reversed and upside-down mode.
  • Ability to change the background color, and link it to the glyph color. (used when color cycling is enabled) This includes changing the transparency value, when transparency mode is enabled.

I usually wouldn’t pay for a screensaver but the US$5 registration fee for MatrixGL 2.0 is well worth the price of admission.