Caption Contest Winner: Paris Hilton's PowerBook (Updated)

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Date: Wednesday, October 13th, 2004, 08:40
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Paris Hilton's PowerBookOk, I couldn’t resist posting this one. Check out this shot of Paris Hilton using a PowerBook (12-inch?) in her dressing room. What do you think she’s doing? IM? Online shopping? Checking her email? Stock portfolio? Probably not searching for herself on Aquisition or Limewire, I’d bet…
UPDATED 10/14 01:00 -> We asked readers to write a creative caption for the photo using the comments below…
And, drum roll please, the winner is…
“Why doesn’t the screen erase when i shake it?”
Brilliant 🙂 Although the contest is over, please keep ’em coming! -Ed

(Thanks DogMatic).