Which USB Flash Drive do you use?

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Date: Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004, 10:28
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Back in November of 2003 I reviewed the 32MB USB Flash Drive from Verbatim. At the time I liked it very much. The problem, which I discovered later, was that Verbatim built the keychain loop on the “cap” side of the drive, rather than on the important side, the “data” side, where your files exist. It is because of this stupid design flaw that I need to purchase another USB flash drive 🙁
I am looking for something medium to large capacity (512MB – 1GB), USB 2.0, doesn’t look like it got hit by the ugly stick and won’t break the bank. 1GB drives have been spotted for as little as US$68
That being said, what is your favorite USB flash drive, why, how much did you pay and where did you buy it? Bonus points: what do you do for security, if anything, and what do you call these lil doodads? (thumb, key, jump, pen drive?)