Apple's Flash Based iCard

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Date: Tuesday, December 7th, 2004, 14:48
Category: Archive

Applele hiPod FlashThe flash based iPod is coming, according to rumor mongers such as Reuters and Think Secret. What would it take to make a flash based player worthy of the iPod name? Well, who says it would be called an iPod? Read more…


The PowerBook Fan Book and iBook Fan Book

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Date: Tuesday, December 7th, 2004, 11:18
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Charles Moore’s lastest Road Warrior column “The PowerBook Fan Book and iBook Fan Book” discusses some power books for the portable Mac fan on your Christmas shopping list.

There are not a whole lot of books dedicated exclusively to Apple portable computers, but just in time for the Christmas season, O?Reilly and Derrick Story have produced two very nice ones.
Apple?s wonderful PowerBook, says Story, is ?love at first boot,? a phrase that quite accurately captures my own experience when I bought my first PowerBook just over eight years ago. ?Is it a computer or a work of art?,? Story asks rhetorically, then answers: ?the PowerBook is both — the most beautiful laptop in its class, with performance rivaling any and all challengers.?
These Fan Books are intended to be guides that will show you how to unleash your Power Book or iBook?s potential, making it as fun and productive to use as it is a delight to the eye.
?When you buy a new Apple iBook, for example, says Story, ?it?s really Apple?s computer — not yours. All the settings are made at the factory. But you can make it your iBook by sitting down with it and customizing a few simple preferences. This is my goal: to take it from Apple?s iBook YOUR iBook as quickly as possible.?
Both the books are disarmingly small, in a square format that seems to be gaining popularity in the computer book world. However, there is an amazing amount of useful information packed into just over 100 pages respectively, organized into an Introduction, five chapters, and an index.

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iBook Logic Board Repair Deadline Looming

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Date: Tuesday, December 7th, 2004, 11:30
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If you own an iBook with video issues, note the upcoming 18 December 2004 deadline for the free repair program:
“The program is available for certain iBook models (see below for a
complete list) with serial numbers in the following range:
iBooks with the serial numbers listed above may be referred to as:

  • iBook (16 VRAM)
  • iBook (14.1 LCD 16 VRAM)
  • iBook (Opaque 16 VRAM)
  • iBook (32 VRAM)
  • iBook (14.1 LCD 32 VRAM)
  • iBook (800MHz 32 VRAM)
  • iBook (900MHz 32 VRAM)
  • iBook (14.1 LCD 900MHz 32 VRAM)
  • iBook (Dual USB)
  • iBook (Late 2001)
  • iBook (14.1 LCD)

The program covers affected iBooks for three years after the first retail sale of the unit or until December 18, 2004, whichever provides longer coverage for you. Apple will continue to evaluate the repair data and will provide further repair extensions as needed.”


PowerBooks Power Fastest Yacht in the World

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Date: Tuesday, December 7th, 2004, 11:08
Category: Archive

PowerBooks Power World's Fastest YachtBelow is a picture of three PowerBooks in the pilothouse of the Millennium 140 (pictured at right) during sea trials in Holland to break the speed record for the world fastest private yacht. Both designers of the project, Evan Marshall and Frank Mulder, are devout Apple users. Click through for more and a photo of the PowerBooks…


Calillona 2.0 Browses Amazon the Mac way

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Date: Tuesday, December 7th, 2004, 02:36
Category: Archive has released Calillona 2.0 a new software application for Mac OS X that allows you to surf Amazon’s catalog from a desktop application without having to use a Web browser. Calillona 2.0 uses the Amazon Web Services architecture to make it happen. This app is a boon for the last-minute holiday shopper in all of us. Click through for the links.