iPod Helps Radiologists Manage Medical Images (Updated)

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Date: Sunday, December 19th, 2004, 21:20
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Osirix Medical Imaging App for iPod PhotoAn interesting article by the Radiation Society of North America (RSNA) about how radiologists around the world are now using iPods to store medical images.

Dr. Ratib and Antoine Rosset, M.D., a radiologist in Geneva, Switzerland, recently developed OsiriX, Macintosh-based software for display and manipulation of complex medical image data.
“We chose to do it on the Macintosh because of the high performance of Mac graphics,” Dr. Ratib says. “The purpose is to be able to quickly and interactively manipulate very large data sets in 3D, 4D and even 5D. It’s amazing how much performance we get.”
How did the developers go from a music player to a medical storage device? “We basically wanted something that everybody could use,” explains Dr. Ratib. “That’s why OsiriX can be used with the iPod, iChat and other tools.”

For the full text of this story visit RSNA.org.
Updated 12-21-2004:
Engadget had this to add:

We knew there was a good practical use for the iPod photo and that it wasn?t just meant to be a pseudo movie viewer, as doctors in Switzerland have developed OsiriX, a system for displaying medical images via iPod. Docs can easily scroll through for the appropriate picture and they can easily carry around thousands of images with them at all times. (Photo courtesy of Engadget)