T-Mobile Cripples the Blackberry

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Date: Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004, 14:33
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Blackberry's Crippled by T-MobileIn his article “T-Mobile Tells BlackBerry Users: GetLess!” PowerPage editor Emory Lundberg reports about how T-Mobile effectively crippled the Blackberry smartphone on its network by disallowing outbound requests on TCP port 80. A real sin considering that T-Mo Blackberry users pay US$40 per month for “BlackBerry Unlimited w/Enterprise E-mail” that includes “Unlimited Web Browsing.”
I was considering the purchase of the cool new Blackberry 7100t but it looks like T-Mobile has eliminated it as an option for me. Bah Humbug T-Mobile!
I recommend that you avoid buying a Blackberry on T-Mobile until the issue has been addressed. In the mean time, Blackberry T-Mobile customers should call the Wireless Data Group +1-877-369-4588 to complain.

Since October of 2004, various subscribers to the T-Mobile network have been reporting that they are no longer able to make outbound requests on TCP port 80.
Admittedly, a lot of the noise about this online is because users of the T-Mobile “t-zones” data plan were not only able to access WAP sites, but any other website as well. Adding insult to injury, smart users were hooking up cables and using Bluetooth connections to their handsets and devices like laptops and PDAs, giving them a relatively complete Internet connection with a few caveats.
This cheap (or even free in some cases) Internet service was a prime selling point for T-Mobile – a lot of people were moving to T-Mobile and getting fancy smartphones for their trouble, and chewing up data for nearly nothing.
Now this isn’t about the free-ride people were getting at T-Mobile, this is a completely different take on what T-Mobile has done to counter the freeloaders, at the expense of users who pay money for a premium service. I talking about the users of the RIM BlackBerry, currently being given the shaft, by T-Mobile. Read the rest of the article here


Change Your Default Browser From Safari to FireFox

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Date: Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004, 06:20
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FireFox 1.0So you’ve downloaded FireFox and want to change your default browser from Safari to FireFox on your Apple Mac OS X but for some reason you can’t find where to change the default browser.
Here’s how to change the default browser in Mac OS X.
1. If you haven’t already, download and install FireFox
2.Once FireFox is installed open Safari (yes that’s right… Open Safari!)
3.Click on the menu at the top of the screen that says “Safari” then click on the third option that says “preferences”
4. From the window that appears click on the button that says “General”
5. You’ll see a drop down menu that’s labeled Default Web Browser, it will read Safari or Internet Explorer or what ever web browser you have as default at present. Click on the drop down menu and select FireFox you have now changed your default browser to FireFox. You can now close the Safari preferences window and then quit Safari