2005 PowerBook Display Artifacts (Updated 5x)

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Date: Monday, March 21st, 2005, 23:35
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PowerBook 2005 Display ArtifactsWe’ve collected some reader reports about a problem with artifacts on 2005 PowerBook G4’s screens. Read More…

PowerBook 2005 Display ArtifactsWe’ve collected some reader reports about a problem with artifacts on 2005 PowerBook G4’s screens.

I have not seen this problem reported before in any of the pages talking about the new PowerBook problems. I recently purchased a 17-inch PB G4 (Feb 05), and since I got it, whenever I plug/unplug it from AC power, the screen presents some weird dotted lines distorting the image. Once this happens, all you have to do is move the mouse for a second or press any key and it all goes back to normal. A few of the times, the problems disappears after a fraction of a second on its own. In general, this problem appears about 70% of the times I plug/unplug the PB. (Pictured at with blue desktop).
I too have experienced some display anomalies the first couple weeks of owning the computer, but since then things have been okay. The whole display would look like the image in article but continue with some horizontal lines, but only for a second then it would correct itself. Happened four times and hasn’t since in the past month of ownership. 2005 PowerBook 15″
1.67GHz/Superdrive/128MB VRAM/1.5GB RAM/100GB HD. (Reader 1)
PowerBook G4 17-inch Screen ArtifactsI received my PowerBook 17″ 1.67GHz at the beginning of the month and I can confirm the problem with the dotted vertical lines when plugging it into AC power. The hard disk occasionally makes some strange clicks as well. (Reader 2)
I picked up a 1.5GHz 15″ PowerBook in February, and I have symptoms that are exactly the same as your article – the display artifacts appear sometimes when I plug/unplug it). It goes away when I put the computer to sleep again. (Pictured with red desktop). (Reader 3)
I have an original 17 inch PowerBook (1GHz PB 17, recieved on March 27, pretty much first batch out), and for a period had these brief artifacts, followed by horizontal white lines (like TV scan lines) which I generally had to reboot to get rid of. They’ve since been replaced by a single vertical yellow line 1/4 of the way from the edge. the hinge did seem to effect the situation, and on boot I still get an interesting splash of purple and white horizontal lines for a second or two. I’ve tried to get Apple to fix it but they are dragging their heels due to an unrelated Applecare registration issue (they lost it basically, and not the first time. Wonder if they would have lost it if I bought from an Apple store?). (Reader 4)
I have had similar screen problems one year ago on my Titanium 15″. They had to change the motherboard twice before getting rid of the problem. (Reader 5)
I had this same issue with an 800 MHz G4 TiBook. It was an indication of a failing video card. I brought it to the Apple Store several times for repair. They went thru giving me two new hard drives, and new RAM. Then finally, they replaced the motherboard which fixed the problem. (Reader 6)
OK here’s the deal occassionaly I get artifacts on my PB 12″ that I got in early March. the only way to get rid of them is to change the desktop picture. On an odd occassion the screen gets totaly messed up whenre the dock hangs off the bottom and overlaps the menu bar on top the only way to fix this is to log out and log back in.
I’m thinking about taking it in but the nearest apple store is an hour away and I don’t really have the time to give up my PB for any number of days. so dunno if u want I have a picture of the screen with the artifacts on it.(Reader 7)

The lower quarter of my 2004 PowerBook G4 (15-inch, 1.5GHz) screen cuts out completely each time I open or close the lid, but it quickly goes away. Some of your comments:

We have an older Ti PB. The screen has been replaced three times under AppleCare. Each time the first symptoms were lines in the lower part of the screen when flexing the hinge. Eventually, the entire image deteriorates into junk. First partial images & lots of lines and then just lines. Has something to do with the flexing the screen takes when the lid is opened & closed. In all cases one could temporarily fix the image by squeezing the screen some place near the lower right corner. This takes a bit of playing around but is useful for an emergency if your screen craps out. When you squeeze the right place it feels like there is a bit of a bump there so I’m guessing that is the point that the ribbon cable joins the screen. The only fix is total LCD replacement. (Reader a)
Just yesterday after a few months of ownership, my 12″ G4 aluminum Powerbook started experiencing these strange vertical lines about 1/4″ in height in perfect formation across the bottom of my screen. Nothing seemed to get rid of them…. at least nothing until I put the book to sleep and woke it up again.
But, then…. I got a kernal error! Go figure!

Contact us if you’ve experienced either of these symptoms. -Ed.

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