Apple Speed-Bumps Xserve G5, Ships xSan, Drops LCD Prices

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Date: Tuesday, January 4th, 2005, 23:05
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Apple Xsan boxApple announced new Xserve configurations today starting at US$2999:
– Single 2.0 or Dual 2.3GHz G5s
– Up to 1.2TB hot-swappable storage
– Dual Gigabit Ethernet and FireWire 800 onboard
– Up to 8GB of DDR SDRAM with ECC
Xsan, Apple’s US$999 Storage Area Network solution is now shipping.
In another surprise, Apple quietly cut Cinema Display prices US$200-300. The 20-inch model is now US$999:
Display – New / Old / Drop
20-inch – US $999 / $1299 / $300
23-inch – US$1799 / $1999 / $200
30-inch – US$2999 / $3299 / $300


Playing Monopoly

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Date: Tuesday, January 4th, 2005, 16:41
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Both Microsoft and Apple Computer have managed to configure themselves as monopolies, one broad and horizontal and the other thin and vertical. In order to understand these decisions, it is important to look at the goals of the founders of each enterprise. For Bill Gates, it is all about winning the game. Microsoft has dominated personal computing by making the right moves at the right times. As far as Apple and Steve Jobs are concerned, it is the aesthetic of the computing experience that rules. One vision, supported by a cast of talented and dedicated individuals.


More Expo Spoilers: iWork and Pages

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Date: Tuesday, January 4th, 2005, 01:16
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ThinkSecret has posted some additional spoilers in advance of next week’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco. According to TS, Apple will use the Expo to launch a new productivity suite called iWork, that will include an updated version of Keynote (v.2) and a new application called “Pages.”

It’s unclear whether Pages will simply encompass a word processing application or whether Apple will wrap spreadsheet functionality into it as well. Apple’s new word processing software had been rumored to be called Document, but sources say it appears that name has been abandoned, possibly due to the confusion a user might encounter when being told “this document is a Document document.”

MacMinute adds fuel to the fire with a story about a software company that recently changed the name of their application from iWork to iBiz.

It is not known whether IGG was forced to change the name of its software by Apple, or whether it simply believes the speculation and wants to differentiate its software in advance.



Turn a Lombard PowerBook into a Linux Car MP3 Player

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Date: Tuesday, January 4th, 2005, 01:29
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PowerBook LinuxHack-A-Day has posted a story on how to convert an old PowerBook G3 (Lombard) into a linux-based MP3 player you can install in your car. “Add a wifi card and manage all the music when you pull in to the driveway.” Pretty cool, but I’m pretty sure that a headless iMac would also fit in most people’s car 🙂


TivoToGo Transfers – Not PowerBook Compatible (Updated)

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Date: Tuesday, January 4th, 2005, 01:58
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TiVo announced its highly anticipated TivoToGo service allowing customers to copy shows to a laptop. Unless you’re on a Mac, that is. The service is currently only compatible with Windows-based PCs.

Use TiVoToGo transfers to bring a cooking show to the kitchen or your favorite film on a road trip! TiVoToGo transfers pull shows from your networked Series2 TiVo DVR onto your PC* so you can take them anywhere.

The company’s DV-Devo (our name) service allows you burn your favorite shows to DVD. The service, real name Burn TivoToGo, requires the purchase of software from Sonic Solutions and is “not yet available.”
MacMinute reports that TivoToGo will be coming to the Macintosh:

TiVoToGo requires TiVo Desktop 2.0, which is currently only available Windows XP and 2000 operating systems. However, TiVo officials said a Mac OS X version is planned. “We are working on Mac support, but have nothing to announce at this time with regard to when it will be available,” a TiVo spokesperson told MacMinute.

Read more for the Apple conspiracy theory…