Reading Between the Lines – A Look at the Expo Announcements

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Date: Friday, January 14th, 2005, 18:35
Category: Archive

After a few days of reading and contemplation about the new products in the Apple lineup has inspired a response to all the rants about the iPod shuffle and Mac mini. Read More…


My Personal Communicator

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Date: Friday, January 14th, 2005, 15:29
Category: Opinion

Applele hiPhone r6The is a story about a device that wasn’t released at Macworld Expo 2005. In fact, this device doesn’t even exist. It has not been discussed on any of the Mac news sites. No one has ever seen this device function. This is a device in someone’s mind’s eye. Any similarity between this story and reality is purely coincidence. hiPhone R6 image courtesy of
Instead of discussing what was revealed at MWSF05 I want to discuss something that wasn’t revealed.
This handheld device might have started out as an “Apple looking PDA” on some Apple engineer’s bicycle handlebars three years ago, only then to become the original iPod. When the success of that device reached its peak, the manufacturer came up with a new model that fulfilled the lowest common denominator’s next most wanted thing. Read more…


MWSF05 Show Pick: XtremeMac AirPlay iPod FM Transmitter

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Date: Friday, January 14th, 2005, 13:14
Category: Accessory, iPod

XtremeMac AirPlayThe AirPlay from XtremeMac is a tiny FM transmitter that works with all 3G and 4G iPods. The AirPlay’s tiny size make it easy to fit in a bag with other accessories and it doesn’t block the hold switch when installed. The non-iPod specific form-factor means that it looks equally good on both a white iPod and the mini.
What makes the AirPlay cool is that it doesn’t require you to load software on your iPod, you can change FM channels via the small UP/DOWN buttons on the unit itself. A small LCD allows you to quickly see and change what channel you’re broadcasting to. The only downside is that (like all FM transmitters) it may be hard to find a station in larger U.S. cities like New York or Los Angeles and the AirPlay’s small size make it easier to lose. The unit is well made, appears pretty rugged and is shipping now for US$39.95.


Pimp My Mac mini

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Date: Friday, January 14th, 2005, 13:01
Category: Hardware

Apple Mac miniGizmodo has a story about one of the first efforts to install the new Mac mini in a car. (Am I the only one that wants to call it the iMac mini?) You know that it’s only a matter of time before the mini shows up on MTV’s Pimp My Ride.

The commodity nature of the Mac mini may be just what automotive hackers need to come up with a unified set of sensors, software, and hardware to turn road rockets into dork dragsters. – Gizmodo

Mac mini rear shotThe Mac mini seems like a natural for automotive applications but c4r h4x0rz should watch out for a few things: the mini’s massive AC adapter, sealed enclosure and fines for removing airbags to make room for LCDs – a no no in the U.S. kids.
What do you have in mind for your Mac mini?
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