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Mac Mini – iPod all over again?

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Date: Wednesday, January 26th, 2005, 10:50
Category: Opinion

What was the problem with the original iPod? It used a tiny hard drive with a higher price and lower capacity than the laptop drives found in other players. It could not be opened by the user. It was expensive.
What was so good about it? The small size, Apple iTunes software, great interface and fast Firewire connectivity.
What about the Mac Mini? Read on…………


Apple Should Add 'Instant Play' to PowerBooks

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Date: Wednesday, January 26th, 2005, 04:40
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I would like to suggest that Apple consider adding Intervideo?s Instant Play technology to the next line of PowerBooks. Instant Play lets users play DVDs and CDs without needing to boot into the operating systems, in this case Windows.

InterVideo’s innovative InstantON technology allows users to enjoy watching DVD/VCDs and listening to music without having to wait for Windows to load on their notebooks. After a quick boot-up into INSTANT PLAY, all of the consumer electronic features immediately come to life. With a click of a button, viewers can watch VCD/DVDs with superior clarity or they can listen to music with crisp clear sound… An additional feature with “INSTANT PLAY” is the ability to operate video playback and adjust music audio with a remote control.

Instant Play is available today in Sharp?s ultra-portable (2.8 pound) Actius MP30, Sharp Mebius MURAMASA PC-MP and in the HP Pavilion dv1000 Entertainment Notebooks.


Laptop Security: The Beacon

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Date: Wednesday, January 26th, 2005, 03:34
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I read an interesting story in that was published in the Fall 2004 issue of 2600 (The Hacker Quarterly) about a guy that wrote his own “call home” beacon to protect his PowerBook in the event it was ever lost or stolen. “The basic idea behind this idea is to run a cron job as root every five or ten minutes that runs a simple command. This command acts as a beacon.”
Other security tips in the article that should be heeded by all PowerBook users include:
– Install an Open Firmware password
– Require a password for changes to System Preferences
– Password protect all users accounts
The 2600 article “Laptop Security” includes the source code to the beacon and is available in PDF and HTML.


Sue Different: Apple Threatens Insider Sites After Leaks

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Date: Wednesday, January 26th, 2005, 03:49
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Mark Glaser wrote a piece about Apple’s new litigious streak in an article for the Online Journalism Review (OJR):

With Steve Jobs back in the saddle as CEO, Apple Computer has made a stunning comeback with the popularity of iPod music players and the iTunes online music store. The company’s stock is riding high, and Jobs recently introduced the new $499 Mac Mini computer and $99 iPod Shuffle to the adoring faithful at Macworld, who cheered him as a conquering hero.
But there is little cheering being done by technology journalists, as Apple recently sued the proprietor of the ThinkSecret.com insider news site for publishing general information on the Mini and Shuffle — what Apple considers trade secrets — before their official announcement at Macworld. Plus, Apple is preparing subpoenas for two other sites, Apple Insider and PowerPage.org, to force them to divulge their inside sources on a product code-named “Asteroid.”

“The shine has definitely come off the Apple,” said Jason O’Grady, editor at PowerPage.org. “If Apple has a problem with their house, if they have a leak in their house, they need to fix it. It’s a bad move to sue [journalists] in this way, because it’s a bad PR move, and it’s tipping their hand that the product exists.”

Read the rest of Mark’s article at OJR.org.


Sad Mac

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Date: Wednesday, January 26th, 2005, 03:06
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Annalee Newitz of Alternet gives her take on the New Apple.

Is this the same Apple of “rip, mix, burn” and “think different” and “our company founders were once acid-dropping phone phreaks”?

The sad thing is that the media’s lack of interest in what Apple has to say about itself is entirely a result of the company’s recent public relations blunders. Apple is suing and trying to sue several people who allegedly leaked information about upcoming, much coveted gadgets for the Mac: a FireWire mixing board and a small, low-cost computer called the Mac Mini, which was announced on Tuesday during the show. Bloggers for Mac fan sites like AppleInsider, PowerPage, and ThinkSecret got early mockups of the devices from insiders and posted them. Claiming trade-secret violation, among other things, Apple is on the litigation warpath to silence these sites.

Read the rest of Annalee’s story at Alternet.