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Krusell Multidapt Case for BlackBerry 7100 (Updated)

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Date: Monday, February 14th, 2005, 23:21
Category: Accessory

Krusell Multiadapt for BlackBerry 7100Krusell International AB produces and distributes unique Multidapt-equipped carrying cases for all kinds of portable electronics (PDAs, cameras) but most notably for mobile phones. I recently got one of their cases for the BlackBerry 7100t smartphone and totally love it.
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White Wires

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Date: Monday, February 14th, 2005, 14:48
Category: Consumer Electronics

Apple is not the only source of white wires that identify the PodPeople roaming the streets. Several manufactures offer iPod specific earphones in white, and I will be looking at three that are of the in-ear variety. Opus phones are bargain priced and the perfect compliment to the iPod shuffle. They are white, inexpensive and do not benefit from equalization while the shuffle is white, inexpensive and does not offer equalization. Perfect match! Sony has long made white earphones that have been a favorite among iPodders but they NEED equalization to be enjoyed and therefore are not so good for the shuffle. They are comfortable, beautifully designed and sound fine if your iPod is set to Treble Boost. Etymotic Research pioneered this genre of earphones and have now come out with the ER 6i model which are tailor made for the iPod. They are more efficient than the plain ER 6 and are white. They sound stunning right out of the box and they can go a touch louder and have more bass emphasis than their black counterpart at Etymotic Research.