Apple Developing New Palmtop Mac

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Date: Tuesday, March 8th, 2005, 10:56
Category: Hardware

Apple eMate 300Remember Apple’s eMate 300 from the early nineties? (nicknamed “Eat Me” by developers). It was a kind of Batman green and a fab little flat lap Newton. The PowerPage EU bureau has been beamed some details of a secret development team planning specifications for the release of a new mini laptop. (It goes well with their current mini theme. -Ed). Deep in the Apple cave these slim little mini pocketops are doing the rounds and getting a lot of great feedback. Sources who claim to have see one have commented that an internal planning spec details that the new machine runs a stripped-down flavour of Mac OS X. We’re told that it will finally utilize Apple’s Inkwell technology to “write anywhere” and neatly fold into your pocket – rather like an enlarged Motorola RAZR V3 mobile phone with a keyboard.


ITMS Just Training Wheels for iTunes Video Store?

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Date: Tuesday, March 8th, 2005, 10:35
Category: iTunes Music Store, Software

Richard Ackerman revisits the rumor of an iTunes Video Store

Why is The Incredibles movie trailer inside of iTunes?
I wondered why Apple put trailers inside of iTunes.
But I have figured it out.
Apple is building the platform for selling video downloads the same way they sell music downloads.
Why do they host trailers on their site at all?
Hmm, sort of a daily infrastructure test…
Why video inside iTunes? iTunes is crossplatform… sales platform…
Steve has said that portable video (the “iPod Video”) doesn’t make sense. (There is already portable Mac video, it’s called an iBook or PowerBook.) But downloading video to your desktop… or say the Mac Mini… Send the video over wireless to your TV like they do with the AirPort Express audio thing…
Notice how every time Steve does a talk he goes on and on about some new video thing the Mac can do? I thought he was wearing his Pixar hat, but he’s actually building the Mac video infrastructure.