Check, Bet or Fold: New Hold'em Game Coming to BlackBerry

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Date: Wednesday, March 16th, 2005, 19:57
Category: Mobile Phone, Software

Without question my new favorite phone is the BlackBerry 7100t, I can’t go anywhere without it and am totally hooked on having my email available to me at all times. And unlike other phones where the novelty kind of wears off after a couple of weeks, I still use most of the data functions all of the time – even after having it for more than 60 days. They call it a Crackberry for a reason! Read more…


Cepstral Swift Text-to-Speech Supports Apple Speech Manager

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Date: Wednesday, March 16th, 2005, 17:30
Category: Software

Cepstral offers 18 voices in six languages. David, the newest voice, is optimized for reading news and browser content. The voices integrate 100 percent with Apple’s Speech Manager. Free to try, US$30 to purchase.


Quality Issues Plague 2005 PowerBooks

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Date: Wednesday, March 16th, 2005, 08:17
Category: Hardware, PowerBook G4 Aluminum

MacFixIt has posted a special report on Troubleshooting 2005 PowerBook G4s. Some of the topics include:
* Erratic Trackpad behavior
* Oversensitive Ambient Light Sensors, solutions
* Hacking the Sudden Motion Sensor
* Kensington USB trackball issue
* Brighter screens, keyboards
* Installation and iLife on same DVD
* Developer Note for 12″ model
In related news MacInTouch’s PowerBook report digs into trackpad problems with the new models, offering some interesting insights and diagnosis. PowerBookZone is also covering the the new PowerBook’s defective trackpad.
All it takes is a brief surf through Apple’s PowerBook discussion forums and any number of troubleshooting Web sites to realize that Apple has a big problem on its hands with 2005 PowerBook G4s. One colleague had to send his brand new PB 17-inch back for a complete replacement, and there are innumerable reports of defective trackpads, bad displays and problems with hard drives. We’re starting to see a pattern here.


TransPod Available in Black and Silver

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Date: Wednesday, March 16th, 2005, 08:05
Category: Accessory

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) is now offering their US$99 TransPod all-in-one car solution for iPod in black and silver. TransPod lets owners transmit, charge and secure their iPod in their car using one compact device. The DLO TransPod works on any frequency and the new black and silver colors now match most car interiors perfectly. Transpod work equally well with the 20G iPod, U2 iPod, iPod photo as well as the new iPod minis