Mac mini Installation in a Volkswagen GTi

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Date: Thursday, March 24th, 2005, 23:09
Category: Hardware

TunerTricks has posted the details of a Mac mini installation in a Volkswagen GTi:

When the dimensions for the MacMini were announced, I immediately got to work figuring out what the best way to integrate one into my own car would be. If I was going to put a Mac in my car, I wanted to make sure it had all of the functionality that it would have in a home environment while still maintaining an easy-to-operate interface so that distractions could be kept to a minimum. So the researching, planning, sketching and disassembly of my car?s interior (to see what would fit where) began. After taking the thought process to every extreme imaginable, I decided on the following equipment list:
– 1.42GHz MacMini with 512mb RAM, Superdrive, Bluetooth and Airport Extreme
– Xenarc 700tsv 7″ USB touchscreen monitor with VGA and dual composite video inputs
– Cirque EasyCat USB trackpad
– Griffin PowerMate assignable USB control knob
– Lacie 8 in 1 USB flash card reader
– Belkin USB 7-port powered hub
– Belkin USB four-port bus-powered hub
– Belkin Firewire 6-port mini hub
– Alpine PXA-H701 Multimedia processor with RUX-C701 controller
– MonsterCable MCPI300 300watt power inverter
– Female USB, Ethernet and Firewire ports
– 40gig iPod dock
– Griffin RadioShark USB FM/AM tuner