Battery Powered Mac mini Goodness

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Date: Saturday, May 14th, 2005, 19:08
Category: Hardware

Battery Powered Mac miniSilas Bennett: The gist of the article linked to by the DWN was that Alex Perry got to wondering how much power his Linksys switch was sucking down whilst running 24/7, and found that his Manga, an ARM based router box, not only consumed less power but was able to run full blown Debian to boot. His point was “If I am going to pay to have a switch run 24/7, I might as well have the switch be a useful server as well.” Following his article the PepLink community promptly got X11 working on the Manga and Alex’s website was updated with the screen shots, which I might add are quite amusing. While I do sympathize with the original thrust of the article, I must say that the Manga’s ARM is a rather diminutive processor for a desktop machine these days. So my question is why would you run a Manga as a desktop to get down to the 3 Watt mark when for just a few more Watts you can run a box with a G4 processor? Yes, I am talking about that little machine that all of my geek friends (me included) seem to be drooling over as of late. The Mac Mini!
To find out how Silas got his Mac mini to run off a self-contained battery pack check out his site. (Thanks HackaDay).