Cringely: HD Movie Downloads and vPod Coming From Apple

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Date: Saturday, July 16th, 2005, 13:00
Category: Opinion

In his latest column for PBS More Shoes: There’s More to the Apple/Intel Deal Than Even Bob Thought At First, Robert X. Cringely insists that Apple’s Video iPod is a reality and that HP and Intel will be involved:

“The whole Apple/Intel deal gets curiouser and curiouser. I wonder if Apple even intends to go forward with the changeover? My guess is they will, but only if Intel complies fully with more unannounced terms of the deal. As I have written in previous columns, Apple is working on its own movie download service (HD movies at that!), and I believe that service and ClickStar are one in the same,” Cringely writes. “Good pricing is not enough reward for Steve Jobs kicking IBM in the corporate groin at the behest of Intel. Let’s guess, then, that not only will ClickStar morph into ITMS, but that Intel’s ‘digital home entertainment devices’ will be ITMS-compliant. No Microsoft, no Real, just H.264, FairPlay, and something behind Door Number Three… Get ready for the Video iPod, which will presumably be available from more than just Apple. HP is already on board and these clues suggest Intel is likely there, too.”

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