Treo 650 Bluetooth Sync with Mac OS X

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Date: Friday, July 22nd, 2005, 09:18
Category: Mobile Phone

Palm Treo 650 Bluetooth Sync with Mac OS XTreoToday has posted instructions for syncing a Treo 650 to Mac OS X via Bluetooth:

Macs and Treo attract a certain type of people – those who like their devices to “just work” and a rebelliousness against “The Dark Side” i.e., Windows and PPC. However, it’s not always straightforward to get the most of your Mac and Treo together. Palm has a site specifically targeted towards Mac users using Palm devices.
Ximian developer J.B. Zimmerman talks about his frustrations in trying to connect his Treo with his Powerbook. If you are facing similar difficulty, check out his post to find out the steps he took to solve the problem.

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iBook Revisions and new Mac minis due Next Week

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Date: Friday, July 22nd, 2005, 09:00
Category: Hardware

Apple iBook Update ImminentOur friends over at Engadget are reporting that revised iBooks and Mac minis are coming out next week:

“new part numbers in Apple?s databases confirm they?re coming shortly as well as a revision to the Mac mini line that was rumoured at the end of last month. The iBook price points are set at $999 and $1,299, which drops the $1,499 model, while for the Mac minis we?re looking at a triple lineup at $499, $599 and $699”