Burning Man Countdown Widget

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Date: Monday, July 25th, 2005, 23:52
Category: Software

Burning Man Countdown WidgetAttention Burners: Burning Man Countdown (mirror) is a Mac OS 10.4 Dashboard widget that counts down until the exact moment the Burning Man is ignited. Although the default is set to this years event, you can change the date and time to accommodate the coming years. When the time is up, a message regarding the theme of 2005 and a Timothy Leary audio sample is played.
Your editor will be taking off for Burning Man year five. If you’re attending this year be sure to look me up!


Yahoo! Acquires Konfabulator, Makes it Free

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Date: Monday, July 25th, 2005, 16:38
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Yahoo! Inc. has acquired Konfabulator, a Mac and Windows application that allows you to run small programs (affectionately dubbed “Widgets”) on your desktop. The best part is that Konfabulator is now FREE, whereas yesterday it was US$19.99. I’ve used and advocated this useful application for years and wish them all the best in their new home.
It should be noted that Konfabulator is a great alternative to users of Mac OS 10.3.x (Panther) that like to use desktop widgets but don’t want to spend US$129 on Mac OS 10.4 just to get Apple’s Dashboard look alike app. Apple took a lot of criticism for the similarities when they announced their Dashboard application that ships for free with Mac OS 10.4 Tiger.
To celebrate the announcement, download a copy of Konfabulator (ahem, Yahoo Widgets) and force Apple to keep innovating Dashboard.
My current favorite widgets are:
– The Weather
– Stock Ticker
– Maps (Doppler radar for your area)
– BBC News RSS
– myFark Newsreader
– Philly Traffic
– Simpsons Quoter (Homer: Operator! Give me the number for 911!)


Boston's Logan Airport Tries to Halt Wi-Fi Access

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Date: Monday, July 25th, 2005, 11:59
Category: Archive

ComputerWorld: Massport, the state agency that runs Boston’s Logan Airport, is telling Continental Airlines to shut down the free Wi-Fi service it offers customers. The airline now wants the FCC to weigh in on the matter…


Gapless Audio Playback in iTunes and on the iPod

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Date: Monday, July 25th, 2005, 08:18
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One of the most frequently requested items on our iTunes and iPod wishlists is gapless playback. Gapless playback is the ability to playback a song in iTunes without the annoying gaps that Apple introduces between tracks (even when the “gap between songs” is set to “none.”)
Wandering Focus has posted an iTunes Gapless Audio Tutorial that describes how to copy a CD (with live material, for example) to a single AAC file with embedded Track info for duplication with iTunes or listening truly gapless on a modern iPod.

iTunes 4.9 introduced “Enhanced Podcasting Technology”. iTunes also has “Audiobook Technology”. This technique involves combining the two. Your resulting file will benefit from both. For example, images could be placed in the file (covered elsewhere) that change as the tracks/chapters do (like enhanced podcasts), and listening position is stored (like an audiobook).

Features include:
– All-in-one file
– Skip >> or < < to next track in iTunes, iPod, or CD burned! - True gapless listening experience - Great solution for dealing with live material - iTunes DAO/TOC solution - Remember last listening position - Change Listening Speed (more…)