I've Seen the (Day)Lite, and it's at Version 1.8

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Date: Sunday, August 28th, 2005, 23:49
Category: Software

I’ve been using Marketcircle’s excellent business relationship management application Daylite (US$149) exclusively for about almost eight months now and still find it the best tool out there. It’s easy to fall into the trap that it’s just another Personal Information Manager (PIM), Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or simple address book – but Daylite is actually much more. Daylite does things you’d find in all of the above but adds a powerful “Opportunities” function that allows to you track the details of whatever you’re trying to sell.
Appointments, activities and contacts can all be linked to opportunities and Daylite’s back-end SQL database allows you to link multiple people to multiple projects and keep track of the whole thing. Don’t sell anything? That’s ok too, Daylite allows you to link people and tasks with Projects – and everyone has those. The folks at Marketcircle even offer a module that integrates Daylite with Apple’s built-in mail client so that relevant emails can be added to someone’s contact record, so that you can easily find that important communication when you need to. I replaced Now Contact and Address Book with Daylite and haven’t looked back since.
Today the company released version 1.8 which adds rule-based scheduling. Another fine upgrade from the folks in Toronto. Bravo.

Marketcircle Inc. today announced the release of DayLite v1.8, a free update of its popular business-relationship manager. Showcasing a much anticipated new feature?the ability to create rule-based scheduling?this newest version of DayLite helps Mac-based professionals manage people, projects and opportunities effortlessly.
With rule-based scheduling, users can now create forward- and reverse-activity sets?a convenient time-saving benefit, especially for professionals in the legal, real estate and film industries. Creating an activity set also features a preview, so that dates and names can be edited effortlessly.
From lawyers to producers, from real estate agents to business owners, professionals can count on DayLite v1.8?s ability to define reoccurring or repetitive activities that take place in every project. As a result, they can better manage their work and their time.