PowerPick: Miglia HarmonyAudio Firewire Interface

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Date: Tuesday, August 30th, 2005, 07:55
Category: Accessory

Miglia HarmonyAudioIf you’ve ever seriously tried to capture audio on your Mac, you’ve quickly noticed that it only has one real audio input channel – if you want more you’ll need some hardware baby!
I’ll start right off by saying that I’m not a pro musician, by any stretch (awesome progressive house DJ though :), but I recently ran into the one channel limitation when recording the PowerPage Podcasts. It’s easy enough to plug in a USB headset (like the excellent Plantronics DSP-400, for example) and record yourself yammering on about this or that mobile technology – it’s an entirely different story if you want to record an interview with another person, with two microphones. It’s easy to do with one mic – if you like passing it back and forth like Dan Rather chasing some tobacco exec down the sidewalk, but who wants to do that?
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TuneBox Speaker System for iPod shuffle

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Date: Tuesday, August 30th, 2005, 06:26
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Griffin Technology TuneBoxI’m a big fan of iPod boom boxes, they’re great for the beach, boat, garage, whatever. Most of them are designed for the white iPod though, what’s a punk with an iPod shuffle to do? Griffin Technology has got your answer bunky – the TuneBox.
Griffin’s US$39.99 TuneBox is a small boombox for the iPod shuffle that also charges your shuffle’s battery while it’s playing. At less than 4 square inches, TuneBox delivers impressive sound for such a small package.

TuneBox’s micro drivers and efficient amplified speakers generate a powerful, dynamic sound, with unexpected clarity and great highs and lows.
TuneBox keeps the shuffle’s clickwheel controls up front within easy reach. Though it’s designed to visually complement the iPod shuffle, TuneBox delivers great sound from any MP3 player or other audio device that uses the standard 3.5mm stereo jack.

My only complaint is that I wish that TuneBox had a battery option, but then again, I’m usually not far from a power outlet – with the exception of Burningman, that is!