Sonnet offers 1.2ghz upgrades for the Titanium PowerBooks

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Date: Wednesday, September 14th, 2005, 18:37
Category: Hardware, PowerBook G4 Titanium

Priced at $499 the 1.2ghz processor (w/512kb L2 backside cache) upgrade works only with TiBooks running at 550mhz to 667mhz speeds and only the VGA models. The upgrade is done in house by Sonnet with shipping done via FedEx. The upgrade is guaranteed to be compatible with the latest version of OS-X and OS 9.2.2.
You may ask: Why not the 400mhz and 500mhz TiBook models? And what’s up with only the VGA models? Well, here’s the skinny straight from the company:
“The 550MHz and 667MHz TiBooks are implemented using a 7450 CPU and these are footprint compatible with the low power 7457 CPU we are using for the upgrade. The 500 MHz TiBooks are implemented using the 7410 CPU which is not footprint compatible with the 7457. The fastest available 7410 CPU is 500 MHz, so there simply is no viable upgrade path.
The DVI version of the TiBook uses a different motherboard than our current product. This would require some reverse engineering and software patches to be developed. The DVI models operate at 667MHz and 800MHz. We discussed supporting these models, but we felt the clock speed difference between the stock 800MHz and upgraded 1200MHz did not make a compelling upgrade case. If there is sufficient interest now, we may need to re-evaluate supporting the DVI models.”
Thanks Sonnet for helping PowerPage readers understand why the upgrade is limited to the 550mhz-667mhz VGA models!
To learn more visit Sonnet’s site.