I Have my iPod nano, Where's Yours?

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Date: Monday, September 26th, 2005, 23:47
Category: iPod

Apple iPod nanoTake out four credit cards from your wallet. Stack them and hold them in your hand. Apple’s iPod nano is about the same weight and half an inch less wide than that stack of cards. Now put three cards back in your wallet and use the remaining card to go buy yourself a nano.
The nano’s introduction should not be misinterpreted as just another iPod in the lineup. It is, in fact, exactly what the iPod should have been in the first place: a flash-based jukebox with a long battery life and stunning color screen. This new iPod is not a smaller version of another iPod, or combination of any other two iPods. The user interface is the same (which has always been iPod’s strength) but that’s it. The differences here are under the skin, most notably with the screen.
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