REVIEW: 45-days with GreenCine

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Date: Friday, December 2nd, 2005, 06:22
Category: Review

There are two types of people in the internet world; people who don’t rent DVDs on-line and hard-core “Oh-my-God, I love NetFlix” types. For a long time the only real option for on-line movie rentals was NetFlix. Well, for those of you who are considered getting that NetFlix tattoo, I’d hold off on that trip to the parlor and check out GreenCine.
GreenCine is a San Francisco based DVD rental company that specializes in genres that may be hard to find on NetFlix. In addition to the regular genres that your friendly, neighborhood Blockbuster carries, GreenCine’s genres have fun/realistic titles like Comic Books, Cult, Espionage, Biopics and Quest to name a few. New DVD titles aren’t highlighted on their web-site, but they’re in there. I did a side-by-side comparison and found many, but not all, of the same new releases that the competition has on their site. Another notable difference between GreenCine and NetFlix is the adult-targeted materials. GreenCine refers to it as “BlueCine”.
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