The Apple Core: Intel PowerBook may get cellular radio

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Date: Friday, December 9th, 2005, 11:35
Category: The Apple Core

It seems logical that the new Intel-based PowerBooks will be the first to ship with three radios – like the new Sony Vaio VGN-T350.
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Makin' Copies

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Date: Friday, December 9th, 2005, 07:20
Category: Software

Here are four Macintosh backup solutions ranging in price from US$5 to US$100.
Carbon Copy Cloner is a tried an true solution for creating a clone of your hard drive. No frills, it gets the job done and for just $5.
If you need a truly elegant way to make a bootable backup, try SuperDuper!. This program has an easy intuitive interface and super simple scheduling. It excels at copying your boot volume and it only costs US$27.95. Backing up folders requires some scripting and is not so simple.
SynchronizeX Pro does it all, bootable backups along with an infinite variety of data backups. At US$99.95, it is a serious comprehensive backup solution. If you don’t need bootable backups, then Chronosync does a tremendous job of backing up your data for just US$30.
My backup strategy has gotten quite robust, yet quick and easy. I have a 120GB as well as a 160GB dive in my trusty Quicksilver G4. The 160 is partitioned 120GB and 40GB. I typically boot up from the 120GB partion. Every week, my 120GB partition is backed up to the 120GB drive. Every day, just my user data is backed up to the same drive. I have a clean OS install on the 40GB partition, so I have three bootable volumes. I also back up my user data to a TiBook over my wireless network on a regular basis, so I am able to keep working without missing a beat, even if my primary drive fails.
Contributed by Bob Snow.