RIM Picks up PocketMac for Mac -> BlackBerry Sync

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Date: Thursday, January 12th, 2006, 17:32
Category: Mobile Phone

Phone Scoop is reporting that RIM has licensed PocketMac for BlackBerry from the good people at PocketMac for all BlackBerry users to enjoy.
RIM is reportedly going to start offering the syncronization suite free to all BlackBerry users using Macs, which is great news for Mac users and especially good for those Mac users using the BlackBerry.
Congratulations for the team working hard over there, they make a swell product. One that is, as of today, the standard. Keep up the great work! This is also the first time in history that RIM has acknowledged that they even want to support Mac users with their devices, so with any luck this is just the beginning of the end of RIM treating Mac users as if they had the plague.
Is this a sign of the Mac getting a wider footprint in Enterprise environments?

MacBook Pro Additions and Subtractions

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Date: Thursday, January 12th, 2006, 00:00
Category: PowerBook

macbook-pro-open.jpgThe MacBook Pro has some new and cool additions, but unfortunately there seem to be more subtractions. Here’s a quick list…
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