Nokia E61 Coming Soon?

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Date: Thursday, February 9th, 2006, 22:07
Category: Mobile Phone

nokia_e61.jpgFrom MobileTracker: Nokia E61 shipping in mid February? – MobileTracker
The ‘Berry-esque Nokia E61 is slated for arrival in a matter of days! Its fast EDGE and 3G data connections will make a lot of people happy, and this is the first S60 device to deviate from the one-handed smartphone design of previous S60 handsets.
It is unlikely that iSync will work with this device when it gets released; most of the new SyncML devices require more than a little hacking to get them syncing up against a Mac, but I’ll probably be keeping my eyes closely glued to the E61 and the iSync supported devices page.
Not that I’m unhappy with my P910 or anything, but I’m getting tired of waiting for the P990. The E61 is coming up on MobileBee for a bargain price of USD$500 unlocked and unbranded. If a US operator like Cingular or T-Mobile carries it, expect a discount to around $300 with a new contract.
Thanks, MobileTracker, you made my day!


The Apple Core: Say Hello to MacBerry

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Date: Thursday, February 9th, 2006, 11:32
Category: The Apple Core

macberry.jpgBlackBerry users shouldn’t worry about the ongoing litigation with U.S. patent holding company NTP too much now the RIM has publicly announced a workaround if an injunction shuts down U.S. sales and service of the popular handheld email device.
Mac users will soon have a new way to make the BlackBerry a little more Mac-like. An upcoming version of the BlackBerry operating system, version 4.1, allows you to more easily install third party themes. Kristina at the WordUp blog has the details on installing a Mac OS X-looking theme on a Blackberry 7100.
Read the rest of the story on my ZDNet Blog: The Apple Core.


Krusell 's top 10 Selling Smartphones for January 2006

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Date: Thursday, February 9th, 2006, 10:38
Category: Mobile Phone

treo700w.jpgKrusell ‘s top 10 selling PDAs/Smart phones in January 2006.
1. (1) Palm Treo 600/650/700
2. (3) Qtek 9100/ I-mate K-Jam
3. (-) HP hx2100/24×0/27×0
4. (2) Qtek 9000/SPV M5000/MDA PRO
5. (4) HP iPAQ HW 65xx/6700
6. (10) Blackberry RIM 62X0/72X0
7. (5) HP iPAQ hx4700/4705
8. (6) Qtek S100/I-mate JAM
9. (7) Qtek 9090/IMate PDA 2k
10. (8) Blackberry 7100i
( ) = last month’s position.
Click through to see Krusell’s top 10-selling phones in January 2006…


iMac Bezel Removal

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Date: Thursday, February 9th, 2006, 10:49
Category: iMac

imac-bezel-removal.jpgMitsunobu Tanaka, Ph.D (a.k.a. Kodwarisan) has posted some tips for disassembling the iMac.
This picture shows how to remove the front bezel. Pushing the plastic plate up the vent on the rear cover releases the latches on the inside of the front bezel.


Transmit 3.5 is more like 4.0

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Date: Thursday, February 9th, 2006, 10:34
Category: Software

transmit-logo.jpgPierce Case wrote to inform me that my favorite FTP client, Panic’s Transmit, has bee upgraded to version 3.5. The update is so extensive that it should have been called 4.0 or X or something.
A couple of my favorite features of Transmit 3.5 are:
– It’s now a Universal application which means that it will chirp on my MacBook Pro
– You can create “droplets” from a Transmit favorite or a folder in an open connection
– You can edit any type of file in any local application
– Right-clicking a remote file brings up a Finder-like list of recommended editors
Click through the see the ridiculous laundry list of changes in the new version.
Transmit will set you back US$30 for a license, or US$18 to upgrade from 2.0, upgrades from 3.0 are free.