Apple "Tablet" For Sale on eBay

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Date: Saturday, February 11th, 2006, 20:31
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ibook-tablet.JPGApple has filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office for four patents that relate to tablet computing leading to rumors that the company is developing a tablet-based Mac. The patents include:
1) Gestures for touch sensitive input devices
2) Mode-based graphical user interfaces for touch sensitive input devices
3) Touch-sensitive electronic apparatus for media applications, and methods therefor
4) Visual expander
Touch sensitive input could be used in any number of devices including a tablet computer, iPod, mobile phone/smartphone and PDAs. You can read more about the patents on has posted photos from the gesture patent depicting a user using gestures on a tablet user interface.
If you can’t wait for Apple to release a tablet-based Mac you grab one today from…
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