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Date: Sunday, March 19th, 2006, 21:52
Category: Mobile Phone, Opinion

Getting data from .Mac to mobile handsets doesn’t need to be so difficult.
Currently Apple’s approach is desktop-bound, adding a handset to iSync and letting your mobile phone talk to iCal and Address Book. But there is a much better way to do this that I’m surprised Apple hasn’t moved on yet. I can only assume that they will, and soon, but until then I can only grit my teeth and wait for the inevitable.

Apple needs a more vocal mobile strategy

They dabble and they play a bit, and so far what I’ve seen is solid. It isn’t especially transparent but they’re trying. Apple doesn’t like to do anything unless everyone can play, and I think Apple needs to clamp down on the bite-plate and move on this market, hard.
Messaging and communication will soon not take place on the desktop. I strongly believe that all communication will soon be offloaded to mobile devices, if it hasn’t already for many of you. IM, Email, Text Messaging, MMS, and usable syndication for mobile devices is either already available or almost there. Much of your consumption of information can take place on the go now, without requiring a desk-bound reader or user.
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