Ableton Releases Live 5.2 (Universal Binary)

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Date: Saturday, April 8th, 2006, 15:44
Category: Software

After seeing it in action at Winter Music Conference in Miami, I’ve got more respect for Ableton Live than ever. It’s great news that they are now shipping version 5.2 which adds Universal Binary support.

Berlin, April 7, 2006. Ableton today announced the release of Live 5.2, bringing immediate native Intel-Mac support. This development makes Live 5.2 one of the first professional audio applications on the market to run as a Universal Binary to take advantage of Appleā€™s fastest machines: the new Intel-Mac.
Intel-Mac Live 5.0 users can purchase a Live 5.2 serial number for 49 USD/39 EUR via the Ableton webshop. Customers who purchase the upgrade to Live 6 from the Ableton webshop will receive a full refund of this 49 USD/39 EUR. Live 6 is scheduled for release in Q3. Complete information on Live 6’s specs, availability, and pricing will be made available this summer.
Intel-Mac users who purchased Live 5 after Steve Jobs’ announcement of the new Intel-Macs (January 10, 2006) will receive the Live 5.2 download at no additional charge.
For all other Live 5 users on PCs and non Intel-Mac machines, Live 5.2 will be released as a free bug-fix update.

I recommend that you download the latest demo from and try the lessons.


Extreme PowerBook: Umm, Yeah.

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Date: Saturday, April 8th, 2006, 15:28
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extreme-powerbook.jpgSo they don’t say much about how it happened, but this has got to be one of the most extreme PowerBook manglings that I’ve seen (except for maybe that motorcycle one). The only detail is “It boots……Airport works….”. Looks like it got run over by a Hummer, and I don’t mean one of the little ones, either.

Scott Stevenson, of Theocacao, shares this picture of Matt Johnston’s Powerbook. It has obviously been through a lot, but it still boots and Airport works as well.

Mangled Powerbook still works – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

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MacBook Pro EVDO ExpressCard in May

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Date: Saturday, April 8th, 2006, 15:56
Category: MacBook Pro

I just stumbled across this little ditty on TUAW about EVDO ExpressCards on the way from Novatel Wireless. Those of you that live in EVDO coverage areas (which I do not) can rejoice. I’d love to get the service down in my area but it’s a toss up between which I want first EVDO or FIOS coverage. Hmmm… Anyway, click through to TUAW for the links.

I happened by Om Malik’s blog today and saw, as CTIA winds down, he’s caught wind of an EVDO card from Novatel Wireless that’s due in May. The best news is, it’s going to be an Express card, and it’ll work in the MacBook Pro, no Windows partition needed. So what? Well I guess C.K. can finally get back to playing World of Warcraft in Central Park (and freaking out the squares). If you just can’t wait until next month, when they are rumored to appear, you can keep an eye on this MacBook Pro page on Wireless is great, especially if it’s everywhere. There is a USB EVDO device from Novatel that’ll be out "later this year."

Mac EVDO card in May – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

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