The Apple Core: Meet the Flockers

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Date: Monday, April 10th, 2006, 08:43
Category: The Apple Core

flock.jpgMy favorite Web browser these days is Flock. It’s built on the Firefox engine, supports my various blogs and cool features built-in like hooks to the social networking services that I use.
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The Real Reason Apple Does Windows

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Date: Monday, April 10th, 2006, 08:00
Category: Opinion

He did it to finally castrate Redmond’s last stranglehold on Apple; to wit, “Office:mac.” (sic) No longer would Apple be subject to the MBU’s whims, threats, foot-draggings and feigned indifference to gain leverage and force Apple to do its bidding. The impetuous, jealous and child-like Bill Gates made truck-loads of cash peddling the horrendous (but vital to millions because, as Chef Joanna says “it’s what everyone else uses”) Office to Mac users, but it’s not like he needed the money. No, it did something much more entertaining for Bill- it gave him power over Steve. Now, if Microsoft folds up the MBU tents (takes its ball and goes home), who cares? Windows can be run on a Mac, along with Office or any other crappy-but-necessary Windows “proggie.”

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iAlertU Uses MacBook Motion Sensor and iSight Cam

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Date: Monday, April 10th, 2006, 00:50
Category: MacBook Pro

iAlertU gets the award for the most innovative use of the MacBook Pro’s motion sensor and built-in iSight camera that we’ve seen. Click through to Engadget for the links.

We’ve been seeing posts and vids (and getting tips) on a program called iAlertU all week, but were a little skeptical of software that claims to use the tilt sensors and camera in your MacBook Pro for triggering an alarm if someone tries to snatch your lappie. Skeptical, that is, until a beta version of the application was released today, and while feedback so far indicates that the code is still pretty buggy, the program seems to actually work, with users generally pleased about the overall operation (for the five minute usage limitation of the beta, anyway). Developer Slapping Turtle says that once all the kinks are worked out, a non-time limited version will be available for $10, which seems like a good deal once key features are implemented — most importantly, headphone jack and other overrides, because even the most dim-witted thief may somehow stumble upon the "force restart" key combo in mid-heist.

iAlertU MacBook alarm software available in beta – Engadget

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