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MacSaber: Turn Your Mac Into A Jedi Weapon

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Date: Sunday, May 21st, 2006, 23:10
Category: MacBook Pro

macsabericon.jpgIf you’ve been wondering what to do with the Sudden Motion Sensor in your new MacBook Pro, check out MacSaber, a new application that lets you use your expensive Mac hardware as a light saber, like the ones in Star Wars. Once installed your MacBook makes sounds like the famous Star Wars weapon as you wave it through the air. Very cool

Now that you’ve spent entirely too much money on your fancy sudden motion sensor equipped Mac laptop, I predict you’ll soon be swinging it around like a loon. Introducing MacSaber 1.0 Beta. Using your Mac’s sudden motion sensor, this software turns your computer into a Jedi weapon almost worthy of taking on the real thing by making authentic lightsaber sound effects. It senses speed for the lightsaber movement sounds and acceleration for different levels of striking sounds.

isnoop.net blog » MacSaber: Turn Your Mac Into A Jedi Weapon

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Apple: Final Cut Studio not Supported on MacBook

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Date: Sunday, May 21st, 2006, 22:49
Category: MacBook

fcs_box_125.jpgApple posted a knowledge base article (Article ID: 303782) explaining how Final Cut Studio is not supported on the MacBook:

If you have a MacBook, the Final Cut Studio (Universal) crossgrade Installer does not prohibit you from installing the pro applications, but this configuration does not meet the minimum system requirements for Final Cut Studio.

See the Final Cut Studio system requirements for complete requirements.

Note: The integrated graphics processor in the MacBook does not permit float processing in Motion and will result in degraded performance and other issues in Motion and other Final Cut Studio applications.

Final Cut Studio is not supported on MacBook

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