MacBook Fixit Guide Available

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Date: Monday, May 22nd, 2006, 08:40
Category: MacBook

41.jpgiFixit, publisher of the do-it-yourself Fixit Guide series, has released free MacBook disassembly instructions and photos. The MacBook disassembly guide contains hi-res photos of the MacBook’s internals, including the Intel Core Duo processor.
Free Fixit Guides are available for these computers:
* MacBook
* MacBook Pro
* Mac Mini
* PowerBook G4 Aluminum (867 MHz – 1.67 GHz)
* PowerBook G4 Titanium (400 MHz – 1 GHz)
* PowerBook G3 (233 – 500 MHz)
* iBook G4 (800 MHz – 1.42 GHz)
* iBook G3 (300 – 900 MHz)


The Apple Core: Thermal grease and the MacBook

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Date: Monday, May 22nd, 2006, 08:35
Category: The Apple Core

macbook-thermal-grease.jpgReaders of The Apple Core remember the recent issue about the amount of thermal grease (or paste) that Apple applies to the chips in the MacBook Pro. There’s pretty decent evidence that over-application of the paste is causing MacBook Pros to run hotter than they should. It appears that the same may be true for the MacBook.
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