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Date: Wednesday, June 7th, 2006, 20:18
Category: Software

netflix-freak.jpgIf you’re a NetFlix subscriber there’s a cool little application that you need to check out called NetFlix Freak.
NetFlix Freak is a Mac OS X application for managing your rental queue that is a must have for fellow freaks. In addition to viewing and managing your rental queue, NetFlix Freak offers some features that aren’t available on
For example, on the site you have to use a cryptic button interface to rearrange movies in your queue (something you need to do a lot) but NetFlix Freak allows you to drag and drop your films to rearrange them. You can also add movies to the top or bottom of your queue with one click, shuffle your queue and keep notes on movies.
The latest version supports NetFlix profiles and allows you to search IMDb, Google Movies, Rotten Tomatoes, or Amazon for movie details. I prefer to use NetFlix Freak over the Web site. The interface is simple and fast and it’s a lot easier to spontaneously add a film that you want to see using NetFlix Freak as opposed to wading through the cluttered NetFlix Web site.
Granted, is busy by design. They want you to constantly rate movies so that they can build a better profile about you thus improving their recommendations. My problem is that I find myself endlessly clicking on movie ratings when I’m on the site and I forget what I came to it for in the first place.
NetFlix Freak is so loved at the PowerPage that it’s an O’Grady’s PowerPick. Download a 30-day free trial or buy it for US$15 from The Little App Factory.
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