Nokia E61: Killer Features, Seriously Under-Realised

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Date: Friday, June 9th, 2006, 10:00
Category: Mobile Phone

nokia-e61.pngDon’t get me wrong, the Nokia E61 is a fantastic device and easily the best smartphone I’ve owned to date but some of it’s BEST features seem very oddly thought out. For example:
Access Point Groups:
+ This feature is nothing short of revolutionary. The ability to set up a preferred use of networks (wireless at home and the office or 3G when I’m out) Outstanding!
– But at present it is only possible to set this as the default connection method for email & syncing. It SHOULD be possible to use this feature as the default for Web browsing & every other Internet application?
Message Notification:
For an integrated device the notification system is seriously disjointed.
+ The Standby screen (or to everyone else the ‘day view’). After much searching through menu’s I found the option to turn on message display in the Standby screen. Lovely.
– Why is it only possible to have the day view show txts OR emails? And why when you select one of these, does it display the top two messages. This is worse than useless…. despite the glaring fact you may not want the first line of your private messages clearly displayed on the front of your phone.
It SHOULD show only unread messages: Txts AND emails & only the senders name.
The LED:
+ Potentially a fantastic feature.
– But again for an integrated phone, it will ONLY work for emails.
It SHOULD work for all unread messages. Txts & emails.
+ Despite being marketed as a business phone it is a powerful multimedia device too.
– What is the point of including mp3 & video software with a mono ear piece?
Nokia SHOULD at least have supplied the short Popport to 3.5mm headphone jack that is available all over eBay. Heck if they didn’t want to put it in the box, they could at least offer it as an accessory on their online store.
Love the phone but really hoping that a firmware update will resolve some of the above.
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The Apple Core: iPod UI: Love it or hate it?

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Date: Friday, June 9th, 2006, 10:50
Category: The Apple Core

ipod-interface.jpgI struck a nerve earlier this week with a comment I made about the iPod user interface being tired. The problem I have is that while the hardware has evolved, the iPod’s UI hasn’t changed much in five years.
One of the reasons that the iPod is so successful, it can be argued, is because the interface is drop dead simple. So simple in fact that young children and seniors alike can pick it up with ease. This is a point that I’m willing to concede, but if the iPod is going to continue its ascension to the heights of consumer electronics legend new features need to be added.
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