Speck Products MobileTune

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Date: Wednesday, July 19th, 2006, 10:24
Category: iPod

Being somewhat of an audiophile (read: snob) I’m not a big fan of FM transmitters for iPods. The sound quality is sub-par and you end up having to hunt for open stations far more often than is safe while driving at 60 MPH.
That said, it’s not always possible to have a direct iPod connection to your car’s stereo system. Heck, even auxiliary inputs are still somewhat rare on most head units. And if you have the factory radio that comes in most cars, you’re pretty much out of luck.
Enter the FM transmitter – the only economical solution for using an iPod in most cars. FM trannies come in every shape and size but the new MobileTune from Speck Products takes the cake in terms of design:

Soft leather, chrome details and a glowing, blue dial indicator give a distinctive look while the transmitter offers seamless iPod integration through your car stereo for the ultimate in-car experience.

At US$59.95 Speck’s MobileTune may strike you as a bit spendy, but you have to pay a little more if you want better materials. And hey, it’s better than another piece of black plastic in your car.


MacBook Pro on the Cheap

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Date: Wednesday, July 19th, 2006, 09:37
Category: MacBook Pro

macbook_pro_ports.jpgMacMall has some great prices on the MacBook Pro.
– MacBook Pro 1.83GHz – US$1,649
– MacBook Pro 2.0GHz – US$1,844
They appear to be trying to clear out 1.83GHz models since Apple upgraded the base model to 2.0GHz (which is also a great deal at US$1,844). Both configurations also come with a free Samsung SCX-4200 multifunction printer and carrying case.


The Online Music and Movie Rental Myth

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Date: Wednesday, July 19th, 2006, 09:00
Category: Opinion

Think Secret reported yesterday they had “learned exclusively” of a surprise announcement at Apple’s WWDC: iTunes would begin renting movies.
Of course, they didn’t exclusively learn anything; if such an effort was really underway, a lot of involved people would also have to know about it! Perhaps they meant to say they were “exclusively reporting” the idea. Then again, by reporting it, it prevents it from being a WWDC surprise, so there are multiple problems with their story.
Despite that, there is a general perception among industry analysts that Apple, by showing up late to the subscription rental party, faces the threat of losing their majority ownership of online media sales. We’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out if Think Secret invented their rumor, or if it is based on any real information, but the underlying myth of the holy grail of media subscription rentals can be taken apart right now.
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Contributed by: Daniel Eran, RoughlyDrafted


The Apple Core: Apple to announce Q3 2006 financial results today

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Date: Wednesday, July 19th, 2006, 09:14
Category: The Apple Core

aapl-stock-dock.pngApple’s conference call Web cast discussing Q3 – 2006 financial results will begin at today at 2pm PT/5pm ET.
Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster and American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu expect the company’s revenue for Q3 2006 to be at the upper end of Wall Street’s consensus estimate of US$4.2 to $4.4 billion, with $0.44 EPS.
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