Future iMac Concept

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Date: Wednesday, August 9th, 2006, 23:54
Category: Mock-Up

future_imac3[1]How sweet would it be to have something like that standing around in your office. I would never touch it, excpet turning it on and off … over and over again. (Thanks Juergen)

Random Good Stuff: Concept iMac – See through design

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Mylo, Yet Another Gizmo to Lug Around

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Date: Wednesday, August 9th, 2006, 09:00
Category: Gadget

mylo-250.jpgWired reports:
Hoping to tap into the growth of wireless networks across college campuses, other public spaces and within homes, Sony is introducing a new pocket-sized gadget for instant messaging and other internet-based communications.
The Sony mylo, slated for availability in September at a retail price of about $350, is a first-of-its-kind product that uses Wi-Fi networks, analysts say. It is not a cellular phone and thus doesn’t carry monthly service fees. And though it could handle web-based e-mail services, it doesn’t support corporate e-mail programs.
Instead, the slim, oblong-shaped gizmo that has a 2.4-inch display and slides open to expose a thumb keyboard specifically geared toward young, mainstream consumers for messaging and internet-based calls. As long as a Wi-Fi network is accessible, a mylo user could chat away or browse the web.
The mylo — which stands for “my life online,” — will be marketed toward 18-24 year-olds, the multitasking generation that relies heavily on instant messaging and is already viewing e-mail as passe, Sony said.
Sony has partnered with Yahoo and Google to integrate their instant-messaging services, and is looking to expand mylo’s support to other services as well, most notably the leading messaging provider, America Online.
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The Apple Core: MacBook not upgradable to Merom

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Date: Wednesday, August 9th, 2006, 08:00
Category: The Apple Core

A lot of people wanted to see a new MacBook Pro based on Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor (code-name “Merom”) at WWDC, but as I’ve said here before, it’s just too soon. The MacBook Pro (15-inch) was announced less than five months ago – on February 14th and Apple doesn’t want to make all their new MBP customers obsolete with a chip upgrade that soon. Not to mention the existing inventory of MBPs they’d be sacrificing.
Read the rest of the story on my ZDNet Blog: The Apple Core.


Mac Pro with Room to Grow

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Date: Wednesday, August 9th, 2006, 00:01
Category: Mac Desktop

macpro-150.jpgWhen the G5 tower was unveiled at the final Macworld Expo held in New York, I loved the look of it. The brushed metal, the purposeful grilles, the integrated lifting hoops. The machine looked sleek and professional but it was BIG, about 5/4 size. The entire case seemed to be designed around fans and air flow.
Well, there is no Macworld Expo scheduled this summer, so the Intel Mac Pro was unveiled at WWDC. The leaked banner photo gave no clue about the new pro machine, because in profile it looks just like the one it replaces. What does Intel Xeon mean for the Mac desktop workhorse? Well, it is still a 64 bit computer, something the other Intel Macs don’t offer. Otherwise, you have the basic drop in price and increase in performance that seems to be part of the transition to Intel. So, is it just a new processor in the same old box?
Not really. The thing I like about the new machine is that the BIG enclosure has a lot of internal space freed up by the lower thermal loads imposed by the new processors. Now there is real expansion space inside the box. Two optical drive bays and a modular approach for accommodating up to four internal hard drives. Now the box justifies its size and looks even more purposeful. The G5 tower did not sell very well because it did not offer enough performance for the price. This new workstation does.
There are no G5 Power Macs left in the pipeline either. The transition is complete. I think that one of the Intel Macs is ripe for a refresh. The PowerMac Pro notebooks were the first out of the gate with Core Duo “Yonah” processors, but the consumer MacBooks that followed are such a tremendous value that the Pro notebooks would benefit from the latest “Merom” Core 2 Duo chips from Intel. The entire lineup could represent the best value Apple has ever delivered, across the board, top to bottom, stem to stern.


WWDC Leopard Sneak Peek Highlights

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Date: Wednesday, August 9th, 2006, 00:01
Category: Opinion

New Open Source Announcements
Open Source Product Manager Ernest Prabhakar announced a broad new initiative that includes buildable Intel kernel source. Thank you, and please note Tom Yager was as completely full of hot air as I had suggested. No vast conspiracy afoot, just a delay involved with rolling out Leopard and the Intel platform.
Prabhakar also announced a new, open calendar server under the Apache license, a direct blow to Microsoft Exchange Server. The iCal Server, along with Bonjour and Launchd will be supported in a new Mac OS X centric, open development website called Mac OS Forge.
Leopard feature overview
Leopard Server feature overview
Contributed by: Daniel Eran, RoughlyDrafted.com