WWDC Secrets Paul Thurrott Hopes You Miss

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Date: Saturday, August 12th, 2006, 02:47
Category: WWDC

Microsoft apologist Paul Thurrott is doing his very best to scribble up a negative spin on Apple’s WWDC Leopard announcements. Poor Paul! After five years of Longhorn waiting and regular Vista disappointments, his very best attempts at poo-pooing Leopard sound a lot like sour grapes.
In the previous article, Three Reasons Why Microsoft Can’t Ship (and Apple can), I described why Thurrott is so bitter about Leopard: Apple has been shipping so much innovation while Microsoft struggles to deliver any! Here’s a look at the real secrets behind Leopard that Thurrott doesn’t want you to notice.
The first thing Thurrott missed was the big D in WWDC. Perhaps if Steve Jobs had jumped around the stage in a sweaty fat suit, and repeated the word over and over, it would have sunk in better.
Thurrott wasn’t the only one stymied by the meaning of WWDC’s acronym. There were a number of other consumer electronics enthusiasts who paid for a full WWDC tuition just to be entertained by Jobs’ keynote; they too felt disenfranchised by all the tech talk.
Where’s the iPod Phone, the new movie rental store, the Red Box, WINE, or Windows Virtualization, or the Linux kernel, the news of about a Microkernel removal, the Intel-Only release of Leopard, and the closure of the open Darwin project? Above all else, where are the minor speed bump announcements that have never, ever been announced at WWDC?
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Contributed by: Daniel Eran, RoughlyDrafted Magazine