Analyst sees Zune, hears static

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Date: Wednesday, August 30th, 2006, 23:23
Category: Gadget

American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu said he has looked at the Zune documents that Toshiba filed last week with the Federal Communications Commission and is not impressed.

“We are frankly underwhelmed by the much-hyped Zune device,” Wu said in a research note on Wednesday. “It appears that the Zune is essentially a repackaged Toshiba Gigabeat that has seen limited success.”

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Crumpler $4M Home; The Horseman

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Date: Wednesday, August 30th, 2006, 11:42
Category: Luggage

PowerPager Bob Snow adds to the bag discussion:

My first exposure to Crumpler was about 4 years ago in S.F. I was staying in “Graphics Gulch” and they have some superb photo galleries and pro level camera shops.
Last week I bought a 4 Million Dollar Home (the Crumpler camera bag, not the home) for US$58 at Circuit City. It comes in a metallic box with a picture of an over the top Mansion. They make other sizes 1, 2 and 6 Million as well. My favorite Crumpler name is their “Baby Scarer”.
I also purchased a “Breakfast Buffet” cheap/used laptop bag I got on eBay and modified to fit my slightly too big MacBook. It is a great bag, but has no outside pockets for flat things like plane tickets. You always have to lift the flap, which makes me glad the laptop compartment has an extra Velcro closure.

…and Emory weighs in:
Crumpler's The Horseman

Crumpler’s The Cashmere Blazer was on my list until i figured out that it was huge. Not wanting something that large I settled on The Horseman (US$155):
My main bag that I travel and work with is a Boblbee Megalopolis backpack. It is the bag I always come back to, but sometimes I don’t want to carry a backpack. So I was looking into other types of bags, and was almost ready to order a messenger bag from Chrome when I saw this one.
This bag is designed to accommodate 15” and 17” laptops, and I’m usually carrying either a 12” PowerBook or a 15” ThinkPad. But I’m also usually slinging around notebooks, index cards, a book or two, my iPod and/or a Sony PSP, a Wacom tablet (much easier to manipulate OmniGraffle or Visio documents when you’re not using a mouse!) and other assorted bits. Usually some sort of camera is included, so being able to carry one of those as well is critical.
Its quite easy to stuff this thing to gills, but even fully-loaded it is quite manageable.
I love bags.

Read Emory’s complete Horseman review here.


Why Is Apple so Secretive?

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Date: Wednesday, August 30th, 2006, 09:20
Category: Opinion

Apple has long been notoriously secretive about its unreleased products. Critics compare Apple’s secrecy against the transparent development efforts of open source projects, and even with other commercial developers. Microsoft, for example, has a history of providing detailed roadmaps of future plans. Why does Apple keep its future plans under wraps?
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Contributed by: Daniel Eran, RoughlyDrafted Magazine


iBook G4 Catches Fire, Japan Orders Investigation

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Date: Wednesday, August 30th, 2006, 09:11
Category: battery

Japanese authorities reported Tuesday the first case of an Apple laptop catching fire in Japan and ordered the U.S. company to investigate the trouble involving the faulty Sony batteries and report back within a week.

An iBook G4 laptop made by Apple Computer Inc. overheated and caught fire in April, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said. The user sustained minor burns after the computer caught fire, according to Apple spokeswoman Michiko Matsumoto, who confirmed the case.

Japan orders Apple to probe laptops – Tech News & Reviews –


REVIEW: MCE iTube-201 iPod Charger & Transmitter

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Date: Wednesday, August 30th, 2006, 08:00
Category: iPod

MCE Technologies, LLC (a PowerPage sponsor) is now distributing the iTube-201 a combination FM transmitter, cigarette lighter charger and flexible dock for the iPod video and nano. MCE is repping the US$75 transmitter for Digiana of Seoul, Korea.
The iTube-201 is a FM transmitter, auto power adapter and iPod dock built around a flexible steel-neck stand that can be manipulated into several different positions.
My favorite feature is the little button beneath the blue-backlit LCD station display. It allows you to easily switch between up to four FM presets between 88.1MHz and 107.9MHz – a boon for city slickers. Readers of the site know that I’m not a big fan of FM trannies because of how often they force you to flip around to find a good station. The four presets really help in this department.
Once tuned in to a strong station the iTube’s sound quality is more than acceptable. The only drawback is that a 60GB iPod video is a little heavy for the cigarette lighter connection and it moved a little on me while driving. On the other hand, it worked perfectly with the iPod nano.
The iTube-201 works with the iPod 5G and nano, requires no batteries and is available for US$75 from MCE Technologies.


The Apple Core: Google CEO joins Apple board

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Date: Wednesday, August 30th, 2006, 08:00
Category: The Apple Core

In a somewhat surprising after-hours announcement, Google Chief Executive Officer Dr. Eric Schmidt was elected to Apple’s board of directors at their meeting yesterday. Dr. Schmidt also sits on Google’s board of directors and Princeton University’s board of trustees.
Schmidt joined Google from Novell where he was chairman and CEO. Prior to Novell he was CTO at Sun Microsystems, Inc. and a researcher at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).
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