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MacBook Random Shutdown Syndrome (RSS)

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Date: Thursday, August 31st, 2006, 08:00
Category: MacBook

Delivering the keynote address opening the academic term of a leading law school in South America, using Keynote on my two-week-old MacBook (white, 2GHz), the computer shut down in the middle of the presentation. Like others posting on different Mac newsgroups, my MacBook has Random Shutdown Syndrome (RSS).
Until now this happened running on the battery, so I made sure to plug the machine in. In the middle of a presentation to 150 people, the machine suddenly shut down – plugged in, with the battery charged. It was embarrassing to have to restart the computer, log in and reload the Keynote presentation in the middle of the keynote presentation.
Having used a PowerBook 160, Wallstreet, Pismo and trading in a TiBook 800 for the MacBook, I had come to expect that as a Mac notebook user, I would not experience this sort of profession-impeding problems. Other user experiences I’ve read suggest that Apple’s various repairs have not resolved the problem and that Apple doesn’t seem to fully understand what causes it.
Surprisingly, this happened with the notebook the Apple Store in North Carolina gave me to replace a machine I had bought two days earlier, which had a rough and grainy display (as if it was stuck in ‘thousands of colors.’) This experience gives me the unpleasant impression that Apple is slipping in quality control as it ramps up production to increase demand. It certainly made me miss my bombproof TiBook.
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More cases of MacBook Random Shutdown Syndrome (RSS) can be found on this site dedicated to the flaw. -Ed


The Apple Core: What can we learn from Microsoft’s Mac BU blog?

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Date: Thursday, August 31st, 2006, 08:00
Category: The Apple Core

So it’s official. Everyone’s doing it. Blogging, that is. That’s right, pretty much everyone these days has a blog, including a freshy from the good folks at Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit (Mac BU). Their blog, affectionately titled Mac Mojo (kudos on the name guys!) is part of Redmond’s strategy to try to be warm and fuzzy and to stay more in touch with their user base.
Blogs are a great way to break down the corporate facade and allow employees to express their individuality – and it beats the heck out of those horrendous press releases that are embroidered with adjectives and corporate doublespeak.
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