The Apple Core: Apple’s un-keynote at Apple-Expo Paris

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Date: Friday, September 1st, 2006, 11:55
Category: The Apple Core

Although I previously reported that Apple is not giving a keynote address at Apple-Expo in Paris in two weeks, Mac4Ever and HardMac are reporting that Apple is holding a press event on 12 September in San Francisco, the same date as the kickoff of Apple-Expo. The sites also indicate that the press event is being relayed to Apple’s European headquarters in London.
In addition to the un-keynote there’s another good indication that new Apple products are in the pipeline: inventory. When product delivery times start to drift out past a few weeks (with the exception of immediately after a hot new product in announced, of course) you can be pretty sure that either one of two things are happening: 1) there’s a part shortage or some other manufacturing hold up, or 2) Apple is clearing out inventory to make way for a new product.
Some Apple products are pretty heavily constrained right now, including the MacBook and the iSight. Does that mean that new products are imminent? Not necessarily, but it could. Due to Apple’s secrecy, the rumor mill is always speculating about when new products will be announced, and now that there’s an official press event during Apple-Expo we can turn our attention to what Apple may or may not announce.
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