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24-inch iMac Graphics card is Upgradeable

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Date: Friday, September 8th, 2006, 09:55
Category: iMac

imageIt just gets better and better. Christophe Laporte, editor-in-chief of MacGeneration, a French language Mac publication and web site, tells Macsimum News, that they’ve “discovered a little surprise about the new 24-inch iMac”: you can replace the video card thanks to the system’s MXM PCI Express connector. You an read the MacGeneration report here—if you speak French.

Macsimum News – Graphics card in 24-inch iMac is apparently upgradeable



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Date: Friday, September 8th, 2006, 08:06
Category: PowerBook

These days you can’t turn on a TV, open a magazine or walk down the street without spotting an Apple product or at least an ad for one, and now it seems Apple’s expanding popularity has even landed the company on the cover of October’s Playboy (Zinio link, semi-safe for work). In the quest to leave their photoshopped mark on everything that adorns the magazine, Playboy (or Apple?) felt the need (or jumped at the chance) to add a personalized touch to what looks like a 12-inch PowerBook, and swapped out the Apple logo for Playboy’s

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW): A Mac on the cover of Playboy


Apple’s New 24-inch iMac in Black

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Date: Friday, September 8th, 2006, 08:04
Category: Mock-Up

black imac

Pedro mg has posted this cool shot of what the iMac lineup would look like if Apple released the new 24-inch iMac in Black. “Would you pay another $500 for 1GB extra RAM, 128MB extra Video, black paint, and Leopard upgrade, all in the package ?”

Apple 24″ Black iMac ?


Mac OS X and Faxing

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Date: Friday, September 8th, 2006, 07:00
Category: Software

The following is some feedback I just types into Apple’s Mac OS X Feedback web form:
I wanted to take this opportunity to comment of the “Print & Fax” controls built into Mac OS X 10.3 (and later) System Preferences.
It is still necessary to correspond with some people in business via FAX. Some people still prefer to send some documents to our home-office in this way. (Broadband has not yet penetrated universally, anyway, so asking people to scan and email their documents is not always practical, even for those who are technologically literate enough to do so.)
Regarding the “Print & Fax” capability in Mac OS 10.3 and later…
When I want to receive a fax, I have to take a late-model Mac with 10.3 or later installed, have it configured to receive the fax, plug it into a phone line, and wait. Mac OS X doesn’t put any icons in the menu bar to let you know the status of the built-in modem. (Why not?) Mac OS X doesn’t give you a status report on modem activity, such as who the fax is coming from/caller ID, what page number, what bit rate, etc. (Why not?) Added to this, Apple sells external modems for newer Intel Macs as an extra-cost option.
This being the case, why doesn’t Apple simply make a deal with the manufacturers of all of these multi-function machines (print/scan/copy/fax machines from Brother, HP, Lexmark, etc.) so that computers on a network (Airport via USB, or maybe via Printer Sharing) could send faxes though a multi-function machine hooked to a base station via USB, and maybe even receive faxes to a designated machine on the network? If a modern Mac can scan and print via USB, why can’t it fax as well?
Contributed by: Walt Atwood


Parallels Adds Mac Pro, Leopard and Windows Vista Support

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Date: Thursday, September 7th, 2006, 15:49
Category: Software

Parallels is releasing a new build of Parallels Desktop for Mac that is fully compatible with the new Mac Pro tower, Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard’ and they’ve even added “experimental” support for guest Windows Vista Beta. The Vista feature means that Mac users can now experiment with Windows Vista without having to compromise the stability of your “real” PC. Download the 22.5MB update here. Pretty cool…

Update Release Candidate of Parallels Desktop for Mac


Apple Upgrades iMovie Trademark

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Date: Thursday, September 7th, 2006, 09:20
Category: Trademark

On August 22, the European Office of Harmonization published Apple’s latest trademark/service mark application number 005269221 for “IMOVIE.” The European filing was prepared by Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP of London which notes no priority filing. However, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office officially lists Apple’s iMovie as a registered trademark under application number 2,723, 051 dating back to July 2003 in addition application number 75/782,838 officially registered in China dating back to August 1999. So what’s changed?

The difference in this new filing in contrast to Apple’s original filing is that the original filing only listed International Class 9 covering computer hardware and software whereas the new European filing lists additional International Classes 38, 41 and 42 which cover the following: communications and telecommunications services, entertainment and education services; provision of electronic publications (not downloadable); providing on-line electronic publications and computer hardware and software consulting services; rental of computer hardware and software apparatus and equipment.

MacNN | Blogs


Miuro: your iPod, on wheels!

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Date: Thursday, September 7th, 2006, 08:00
Category: Gadget

Fresh from the ‘Who the heck would buy one of those?’ department, Yahoo.com reports: [edited]
The Miuro turns an iPod music player into a dancing boombox-on-wheels. The 14-inch-wide machine from ZMP blares music as it rolls and twists from room to room.
The $930 (yes, you DID read that right, ed.) Miuro — short for “music innovation based on utility robot technology” (ouch! ed.) — responds to a handheld remote control and WiFi trasmissions from a PC to play music from iTunes and other programs.
At a demonstration in Tokyo, the 11-pound Miuro did a preprogrammed dance, rolling about and pivoting to music.
“This is a robot version of music-on-the-move that’s so popular,” said Miuro designer Shinichi Hara, who also creates album jackets for Japanese pop stars. “I designed it to have a gentle look because it becomes a part of everyday life by integrating robotics and music,” Hara said.
The robot went on sale Thursday in Japan by Internet order, and overseas availability is expected in the second half of 2007. ZMP is hoping to sell 10,000 Miuros in the first year, targeting sales of more than $8.5 million.
ZMP President Hisashi Taniguchi said robotic technology adds another convenience to mobile music. “The robot helps you listen to music wherever you are without even thinking about it,” he said. “Sometimes I don’t even have the energy to put on a CD.”
Separately sold options add a camera and sensors to the robot so it will map out its own position and remember routes.
Contributed by: Brett Jordan


Apple to offer Disney-only movies?

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Date: Thursday, September 7th, 2006, 08:00
Category: The Apple Core

Variety magazine is reporting that Amazon.com is preparing to enter the movie download market this week with a new service. The interesting part is that it claims that Apple’s service will only offer movies from Disney (at least initially)…
Read the rest of the story on my ZDNet Blog: The Apple Core.


MacBook Overheat Analyzed: Recall Brewing?

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Date: Wednesday, September 6th, 2006, 09:00
Category: MacBook

Since isolating the heatsink as the cause of the MacBook’s Rapid Sudden Shutdown (RSS), readers have isolated the specific part of the heatsink that is causing the problem, is actually the CPU thermometer itself.
Essentially the heatsink can expand during use, and comes into contact with the lead from the termometer’s sensor cable. A short circuit results, and the SMC pulls the plug. Once the system cools down, the heatsink resides and the contact is broken. This also explains why sometimes you cannot immediately power the MacBook back on. The heatsink is still in contact with the metal lead.
Apple’s solution to this is to realign the location of the thermometer and cabling on the heatsink so that it does not short circuit. That is why the new heatsink is necessary. In the view of this writer, it warrants a public recall. Any user can produce easily the scenario that causes the MacBook to crash, even with pre-installed applications such as iLife.
This also explains Apple’s recent SMC Update for the MacBook. In short, the ramped up fan is a response to Apple knowing the heatsink is going to expand, and attempts to proactively cool it down to prevent the short circuit.
Unfortunately, as countless users have shown, it is still possible with something as simple as a terminal command, to overheat the CPU. The only solution is to reproduce the crash, call Apple, and have them replace the heatsink.
That is what every MacBook owner should do until Apple implements a recall program.
Contributed by: Christopher Price – www.pcsintel.com


Apple Announces 24-inch iMac, Bumps to Intel Core 2 Duo Processors

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Date: Wednesday, September 6th, 2006, 09:00
Category: iMac

Apple iMac 24-inch Core Duo
Apple today announced that its entire iMac line now features the new Intel Core 2 Duo processor in every model, delivering up to 50 percent faster performance than the previous iMac. A new 24-inch iMac with a brilliant 24-inch widescreen display joins the 17- and 20-inch models, and iMac prices now start at just $999. Every new iMac includes a built-in iSight video camera for video conferencing out-of-the-box; Apple’s breakthrough Front Row media experience; and iLife ’06, the next generation of Apple’s award-winning suite of digital lifestyle applications.

“Every iMac–from the $999 model up through the new dazzling 24-inch widescreen model–now features blazing Core 2 Duo performance,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “And the new 24-inch widescreen iMac is the fastest, biggest and brightest iMac we’ve ever made.

“The new iMac lineup includes four models: a 1.83 GHz and a 2.0 GHz 17-inch, a 2.16 GHz 20-inch and the all-new 2.16 GHz 24-inch iMac, and features the new Intel Core 2 Duo processor which delivers up to 50 percent faster performance than the previous 20-inch iMac running industry standard benchmarks.

Apple iMac Line Now Features Intel Core 2 Duo Processors In Every Model