Running Windows Vista RC1 on MacBook Pro

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Date: Sunday, October 8th, 2006, 21:48
Category: MacBook Pro

I was at the Mobius Boston event last week, and one of the Microsoft speakers gave us all an overview of Windows Vista RC1. This was the first opportunity I had to check out Vista, and I have to say it looks much like Mac OS X.

The new Windows desktop search looked similar to Spotlight, and other user interface features looked like what I have on my MacBook Pro. After the presentation, we were each given a DVD with Vista RC1, and–being the geek that I am–I inserted it into my MacBook Pro slot and launched Parallels Workstation. The install started, and then an error message appeared.

I then visited the Parallels site and found there was an update to Parallels Desktop for Mac (new name for Parallels Workstation). I downloaded the update and then went through the entire Vista install without a hitch. The cool thing about Parallels Desktop is that you can create a number of virtual workstations and run the operating system you desire without worrying about trashing your computer. :: Running Windows Vista RC1 on MacBook Pro


MacBook Shutdown Caused by Heat Sink?

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Date: Sunday, October 8th, 2006, 21:28
Category: MacBook

Apple has faced temporary problems sourcing spare parts for MacBooks affected by intermittent random shutdowns. Some users have complained that their MacBooks have developed a penchant for this problem. In essence, the fault is one in which some – but not all – MacBooks will simply close down during normal use.

This fault appears to affect a small but substantial minority of MacBooks, and usually manifests itself after a period of normal use. The fault is intermittent and hard to pin down. Apple’s technical support department has told some users that re-seating the memory modules may mitigate it in some cases. – MacBook Shutdown Caused by Heat Sink?