Libya to Purchase 1.2M US$100 Notebooks

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Date: Thursday, October 12th, 2006, 10:35
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Kofi Annan and Nicholas Negroponte

Nicholas Negroponte intends to make millions of the machines

The government of Libya is reported to have agreed to provide its
1.2m school children with a cheap durable laptop computer by June 2008.

The laptops offer internet access and are powered by a
wind-up crank. They cost $100 and manufacturing begins next year, says
One Laptop per Child.

The non-profit association’s chairman, Nicholas Negroponte, said the deal was reached on Tuesday in Libya.

But Libyan officials or media have not commented on the reported deal.

Professor Negropointe told the New York Times in an
email that the project mirrored Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s
political agenda of creating a more open Libya and he also expressed
interest in purchasing the computers for poorer African neighbours.

BBC NEWS | Africa | Libyan pupils ‘to have laptops’


The Apple Core: Notebook battery shortage imminent

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Date: Thursday, October 12th, 2006, 10:47
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apple-mbp15-battery.jpgA report by Bloomberg’s Tim Culpan paints a pretty grim picture of notebook battery availability until at least next summer. The culprit? The recall of over 8 million notebook batteries in recent months.
Citing executives from three Taiwanese manufacturers, the report states that customers will find notebook batteries constrained for at least two months with no relief in sight until June 2007, at the earliest.
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Why no SATA 160GB Drive Option in MacBooks?

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Date: Thursday, October 12th, 2006, 08:00
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You can now order a Mac mini with a 160G SATA drive and this is the same physical drive type found in the MacBooks and MacBook Pros. So why hasn’t Apple made this a BTO for the portables?
Contributed by: Ole J. Jacobsen


Platform Death Match! 1990-1995: Apple vs. Microsoft in the Enterprise

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Date: Thursday, October 12th, 2006, 04:09
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“Why Apple Will Change TV” compared how Apple is poised for success in areas where Microsoft is currently failing. But circumstances are subject to change!
Just over a decade ago, Apple began facing serious legacy problems with its platform, with many parallels to today’s Microsoft. Examining Apple’s dramatic fall provides a series of notable platform lessons that no company should ignore.
A look at the forgotten failure of Apple’s PowerTalk.Read More…
Contributed by: Daniel Eran, RDM